25 July 2012


training has taken a serious derailment.

i have a vicious head cold. i am all hopped up on bootleg meds (not really bootleg, but i feel they aren't actually accomplishing anything aside from keeping me awake forever.) and can't run.

if i move too quickly i feel like my brain is coming out of my nose. you all are very welcome for that visual...

 this is what i feel like. all day.

my mornings are exceptionally boring because i am up at about 515, but have nothing to do. nothing, nothing. i don't have to be at work until 8 and i don't (can't) wash my hair (it hurts to flip my head over) these mornings, so it takes me approximately 5 minutes to get ready - 7 if i shower and 5 minutes to get to work. that's a total of 10 minutes. TEN.

by time i got to work this morning i had been awake for 2 hours and 45 minutes. some people can run a marathon in that time. i did nothing. unless you count blowing my nose and sniffling uncontrollably.

maybe tomorrow i will feel better. judging by how i feel right now, it's not promising.