18 September 2013

sandwitch. sandwhich. sandwich. there it is...sandwich.

so lately i have been actually doing this whole running thing. crazy. i know.

but i also have been doing a lot of living this whole life thing. crazy. i know.

so you all are in for a photo rendition of my life for the past month or so....

macarons from savannah. can't stop. won't stop.

i don't even know who i am. i hate country

all the foods? what foods? tell me which food!

tough life.

just a little 11 miles in the morning.

if you look closely you can a. see me and b. see bio cleaners. wtf?

birthday weekend starting with bingo.

lemur kitty.

beach birthday. round one.

birthday dinner. yes i ate everything pictured...

tomato pie.

lobster mac & cheese with scallops and spinach

some sort of fish creation that was amazing.

reeses cheese cake.

funfetti pancakes. believe it.

birthday dinner date!

i have no arms...

rocking the fannie pack on tybee.

eating all the foods.

funfetti pancake with frosting AND sprinkles

being weird and pigeon toed.

leaving savannah

running in a skirt. hell has frozen over

sweet chew toy you have there...

keep it classy target. gross...

beach birthday sunset. round two.

jack attack

the boseman :)


beach sunset rainbow colors.

i'm basically twitter famous.

if you have to leave the beach, mumford and sons is good enough i suppose

oiselle love

the dirty guv'nahs

spelling is tough.