29 October 2013

how do you ragnar?

ragnar has come and gone.

and let me tell you i miss it. like i cried 3.5 times at work yesterday. serious withdrawals right there.

but it was absolutely one of the most amazing things i have ever done. and i will get to that. but this post is dedicated to the clothing that i wore.

oh and thank you TN for starting in the 60s and then dropping to the 20s. those were fun. not. two night runs in the freezing cold. woof.

leg one:

target tank top. oiselle shorts. procompression socks. add in some gloves in there and you have my leg one race wear.

those are my favorite shorts ever. and i can't say enough about procrompression. they are amazing.

this outfit was perfect for my first leg that was straight uphill. the weather was just warm enough to not warrant sleeves. but my fingers were cold so at the last minute i wore gloves. it was the perfect combo. 

leg two:

head tennis skirt. nike combat long sleeve top. procompression socks.

this leg was in the dark. so add a headlamp and a sweet reflective vest with tail light. but i hate running in tights. and my teammates made fun of me because as they said i was wearing a mini skirt and tall socks and it was a whopping 30 degrees out or so.

this was my fastest leg by far and at first it was a bit brisk, but i wasn't really cold except waiting for the handoff.

leg 3:

based on our predicted time i should have been running at about 8 am or so. well that got moved to about 445 in the morning. so again, reflective wear and a head lamp.

the pink top was an add on since it was bloody freezing. like below freezing, freezing.

oiselle shorts - first time i've worn these and i love them. target tank top. target pullover. halloween procompression socks.

holy crap this leg was cold. but once i warmed up, my legs weren't all that cold.

i can't say enough how much procompression socks are my favorite thing ever. i have so many pairs of them and i really think they are the best compression socks out there.

stay tuned for the stories that come out of 6 girls being in a van together for 2 days. delirium ensued, a brownie taste test happened, lots of giggles, and so much peanut butter.

24 October 2013

judgment day.

judgment day is upon us.

and is it judgement or judgment? are they both correct? dafuq.

tonight at 7 pm myself and 11 other girls + 2 drivers + 1 dog will be on the road to chattanooga.

it's ragnar relay time folks.

now here is how i prepped.

don't sleep for a week and then panic.

ha. not really. but sort of really.

i will say it requires about a gajillion ziploc bags.

but if you pack diligently you get this:

that my friends is some serious precision.

for real though ziploc bags are your friends. pack each leg in a separate bag labeled accordingly. have another ziploc bag for extra clothes that you may want to run in because the temps will vary from 25-58. (ha.ha.ha.ha that's us...). another ziploc bag for extra underwear/clothes to wear once your clean and out of the van at the end/clothes for the ride home.

and lastly stress bake snacks.

follow along instagram and the twittbox.

team name: #carlosdanger


21 October 2013


yesterday was the Nike Women's Marathon and Half Marathon in SF. i was in atlanta.

i had grand plans of running this race. even got accepted. and trained for it. held out hope until about 2 weeks ago that i would figure out a way to make it there.

but yesterday i woke up in atlanta. it just wasn't in the money grubbing cards to make it happen. i am pretty upset that i couldn't figure out a way to make it happen.

like any good runner though, i have drowned my sorrows in an ungodly amount of carbs (and beer) and signed up for a new race.

by signed up for a new race. i mean i signed up about 2 months ago.

for a ragnar relay.

that runs from chattanooga to nashville.

with 11 other girls that i knew approximately 1 person.


12 girls. 2 vans. 2 drivers. 1 dog.

196.3 miles. 36 hours. 3 legs each.

i am runner 2. and apparently an idiot. here are my legs.

oh it gets better.

bahahaha that's straight up hill. STRAIGHT UP HILL.

and then my second leg.

and then my easy leg....

welp. here's to not dying....

11 October 2013

t-rex arms?

a few weeks ago i went rock climbing. inside. although outside is a whole crapton of fun as well. but this was indoors. seeing as i haven't been rock climbing in over a year and a half, to say i was a wee bit nervous was an understatement.

but then again, i am strapped to a wall by a harness that is attached to my waist and a rope that is looped through right at my crotch. what could possible go wrong?

well i will tell you. and no i didn't fall off the wall or get launched into oblivion while belaying.

tra la la la let's play hooky from work and go rock climb. yes please. (side bar: can you play hooky when your boss is with you AND the one that suggested it?)

we roll up to Atlanta Rocks! and see all these camera trucks there. whadafuq?

turns out this little show that you may or may not know called Property Brothers was filming there for the day. fun fact, my boss also works for HGTV. so needless to say this happened:

oh hi there drew.
we signed some waivers and climbed some walls. well i climbed approximately 2. and that one in the background kicked my ass.

speaking of my ass, they decided to film right as i was climbing (flailing) up said wall.  so my ass is going to be hgtv famous. so look for the girl falling of the wall and trying not to yell profanities loudly. (i may have mumbled them into the wall when i missed a hold for the, oh i think, 4th time.)

and that my friends is how you wake up with t-rex arms and derriere that may become famous...