21 October 2013


yesterday was the Nike Women's Marathon and Half Marathon in SF. i was in atlanta.

i had grand plans of running this race. even got accepted. and trained for it. held out hope until about 2 weeks ago that i would figure out a way to make it there.

but yesterday i woke up in atlanta. it just wasn't in the money grubbing cards to make it happen. i am pretty upset that i couldn't figure out a way to make it happen.

like any good runner though, i have drowned my sorrows in an ungodly amount of carbs (and beer) and signed up for a new race.

by signed up for a new race. i mean i signed up about 2 months ago.

for a ragnar relay.

that runs from chattanooga to nashville.

with 11 other girls that i knew approximately 1 person.


12 girls. 2 vans. 2 drivers. 1 dog.

196.3 miles. 36 hours. 3 legs each.

i am runner 2. and apparently an idiot. here are my legs.

oh it gets better.

bahahaha that's straight up hill. STRAIGHT UP HILL.

and then my second leg.

and then my easy leg....

welp. here's to not dying....

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