things i like


this is my current shoe. they are my jam. i love them. shoes are expensive, but the investment will do wonders.



i have a serious fangirl crush on them and i am not ashamed. not even slightly. a kick ass company run by and for women. count me in. and besides i want to give everyone of these ladies a hug. they all look so friendly.

oh and butt pockets. they know what's up.

that orange clad butt has a pocket. and the shorts are crazy comfortable.


i work for a small company. a couple actually. i own one too. i know what it's like to have to stand behind your product and be accountable. this company knows what's up. and their socks. yea, pretty kickass.


another small company. and i love them. 


because le duh. but they have some killer deals on workout gear.

The Clymb:

who doesn't like discounted things? i mean really. who?

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