07 November 2014

here's to...

do you ever have these grand plans and then life throws you a curveball?

whether it be with a race, friends, jobs, or relationships, we've all been there.

i definitely have been there for all of the above.

some hurt worse than others and all force you to re-evaluate and figure out where you went wrong and how you can move forward.

with an injury you rest and review your training.

with a busted race you review your training, diet, and your head space.

with friends you see if you are too much of a taker and not enough of a giver. or if maybe it wasn't even your fault and that you simply grew apart.

with jobs you look and see if it's something you're truly happy doing or if it is just a paycheck.

with relationships you run through all the good and the bad times. you try and remember the good and hold onto those.

curveballs force you to look around and take an assessment of what you have in life, what you need in life, and what you want in life.

i had a hell of a curveball thrown at me this week. to say this hasn't been a great week would be a grave understatement. but i'm still here and i'm still breathing and doing.

the most important is that i have something to look forward too. something bigger than me. something that will ultimately help me become the person that i know i can be and the person i more importantly want to be.

sunday i head to guatemala. to be more than myself. to get out of my head space. to do something selfish and unselfish all at the same time.

here is looking forward and not backward. to moving up and not down. to becoming instead of staying the same. to be instead of to wish.