05 December 2013

belated thanksgiving.

turkey day has come and gone and i am still passing leggings off as pants.

and i am so totally okay with it.

turkey day consisted of running the turkey trot. it has become somewhat of a tradition. i think this was the 4th one we've run? maybe just 3rd. i don't know.

but it was a balmy 32 degrees outside.

so i naturally underdressed because i get ridiculously hot when i run. and if i am hot when it is cold outside i get panicky.

darwin however looked like the little kid in a christmas story.

i kid you not. he had on 4 layers. 2 jackets. 2 shirts. tights and shorts. a beanie. gloves.

i had on tights and a nike combat shirt. earwarmer. gloves.

the ear warmer came off around mile 2 for me. one glove shortly thereafter. followed by a sleeve pull up. and then the other glove. i was miserably hot. i had originally intended on wearing shorts, compression socks, and a long sleeve shirt. not unlike ragnar outfit number 3.

but for some reason i talked myself out of that getup and into an entirely too hot outfit. son of a whore. happens every time. every single time. 

after trotting we started drinking. naturally.

and then everyone showed up.

7 people total. 6 dogs total. so. many. animals.

and two of the most adorable little monsters you ever did see.


and then it was finished off with dessert, james bond, and snoring