about me

you've undoubtedly found my about me page. i never know what is supposed to be in these things.

that's me...

i do however feel i should put more that i normally do in them which is:

loud. crazy. determined.

how about a list? lists are fun.

i like to run - most of the time

2 Marathons
St Jude in Memphis
Publix Marathon in Atlanta

5 Half Marathons
St Jude in Memphis
Publix 1/2 Marathon in Atlanta
Rock N Roll Savannah
Publix 1/2 Marathon Atlanta
Allstate 13.1 Atlanta

Countless 5Ks

i like to blog

i am a natural blonde

i really like to surf

i really like the ocean

i am a total water baby

i hate being cold

i wear leggings as pants. a lot.

i'm obsessed with Mizuno

i'm also obsessed with ProCompression

and thirdly obsessed with Oiselle

always on the hunt for the perfect short with that back pocket. current winners are Oiselle...

avid beer drinker. pasta eater. foam roller.

serious aversion to caffeine. 

i love my "adopted" fur baby and miss my old man everyday. 
    hey old man.
    "adopted" fur baby
that's enough for now.

anything you want to know just ask!