22 January 2013

treadmill and a contest.

it's 5:43 on tuesday and i still haven't done my 4 miles today.

i DID however sign up for a gym because i will be up in ellijay this week in no man's land. so i am about to make and quick dinner and suit up in for the freezing cold ride back into town.

yes i am serious about riding back into town. like i am some sort of country bumpkin. but for this week (and last week i suppose) i am. it is about a 20-25 minute ride into town. and all that is there, is this gym, tractor supply, a grocery store, a mexican restaurant and an italian restaurant. that's about it.

but nothing beats working in the mountains. well the beach always beats the mountains, but i can't really complain with this view.

the princess (and her new mowhawk) and i are up here for the duration of the week.

okay i am off to make some dinner and get my butt out the door to run some treadmill miles. mmm always fun. said no on ever.

oh and if you are feeling lucky, you should go enter SkinnyRunner's contest....because i did and that makes me cool by association because she is an amazing runner. i'll take it as a win.

21 January 2013

green monster.

this morning i tweeted this:

guess what i still haven't done....

get out of my pajamas, run, or do anything that required me leaving the couch for more than 10 minutes at a time. it's 5 pm.

i keep telling myself that i will get up and run some. yes if you are wondering, i did actually work today...besides my brother sent me this text this morning:

"just slammed a grey goose bloody in the ATL airport, gonna be a good vacation"

i officially hate him. he is headed to punta cana? maybe, i don't know, i stopped listening when i saw the price tag, that i couldn't go, that i would be at work, and that it is supposed to be 44 tomorrow.

these are all besides the point. it's 5:07 and i haven't run. i did brush my teeth and made a real live lunch.

maybe just maybe, i'll get my ass in gear and get a run in. but in the meantime, remember when i ran the inaugural hot chocolate 15k 2 weekends ago and i said i shouldn't get dressed in the dark anymore? well here's why...

fierce determination face?
SO MUCH GREEN. kermit the frog would be jealous. but you know what, i have no shame. i wear the dumbest stuff when running because i can't be bothered to check and see if it matches together. socks however are a whole different story. i don't know how people can wear mismatched socks. drives me bonkers.

as my and hot chocolates first 15k experience i don't really know how to judge my time. but i didn't die, i didn't walk and i had no knee pain. so for the first race of the new year, i'll take it.

so i'll give it a thumbs up even though i will never run it again, and it wasn't all that great of a race in itself...

here's to maybe getting my butt off the couch and out the door. i did manage to write down what miles i am supposed to be running (since i missed all of last week, stupid rain and work. oh did i forget to mention that i logged ZERO miles last week...) and i think i can manage them. 4 miles tomorrow, 4 miles wednesday, and 16 miles saturday. woof.

17 January 2013

i don't live in seattle...

but it sure feels like it.

all it has done here is rain.

sunday was the race, and monday was a rest day. tuesday was a way too hectic and sleepy day. OH AND RAINING.

and it hasn't stopped raining. not once. i am slowly losing my mind. the rest day is now going on day three, possibly into day four.

so what have i been doing you all may be wondering?

well last night i went to this.

 such a good show. if he is ever in your area, or anywhere near you, i urge you to go. no urge isn't strong enough, i demand you go. he is that good.

tuesday at the gas station this may have happened:

 in my defense the snickers were three for $2. game on...

but mainly i have just been going out of my mind. and i have company for that...

 i know p. it's just so rough being trapped inside all day, please try and make yourself comfortable. 

when i got off work today, i decided to take one of those personality tests. like i don't already know what i am....introverted, a bit ocd, slightly crazy, friendly, but allusive. that's usually what i get, but today i took something call the archetype test. found here.

it's a quick test. which i like because i don't have the attention span for them. here are my results.

because you need a telescope to read that here is the breakdown:

58% - caregiver
16% - intellectual
6% - spiritual

aha the caregiver. that one i know all too well...

20% others? you got me. i lost interest and never figured out what that was.

the caregiver i am sold on as well as the intellectual, but the spiritual. not really my cup of tea. sure i like my spirits, as well as my beliefs (see what i did there), but i wouldn't say that i am "drawn to questions of faith."

but i've got this going for me:

 i was at first a little confused about who i was supposed to be in that picture. lance? oprah? just who are they comparing me to? and the answer is.......lance.

me and lance are apparently on the same level. awesome opossum.

maybe tomorrow i can go for a run. mmm i would love that. 

13 January 2013

hot chocolate 15k

well that's over and done with.

you get this adorable mug that is filled on one side with chocolate and the other side with a banana, stale pretzels, a rice krispy treat, and some sort of wafer cookie sandwich thing. all vehicles to shove chocolate into your face as quickly as possible. well maybe not the stale pretzels because those were gross.

i drank some of the lukewarm hot chocolate before i bailed on it too. and if you are like me, you spill the chocolate on your newly cleaned (ahem yesterday) floor mat and curse vigorously. okay, maybe i didn't vigorously curse the world, but that's because it was effing early when i woke up and i was a bit pooped.

same alarm from my marathon. not same picture.

it was a fun race, but a bit longer than a 15k or i am just dumb at daily mile. both highly likely. so tough call there. there weren't really a whole lot of spectators until the finish. and most of those spectators were the 5k finishers. who went first? stupid.

the race started on time at 815. but it was hot. i mean it's 70 outside right now. why couldn't the 5k start later than the 15k so it wasn't so hot? (i need a nap. clearly i am grumpy).

the water stations were great and plentiful. if it's possible for a race to be entirely uphill, then this one accomplished and exceeded it.

when i went to the expo yesterday (which was a pain in the butt) i picked up my parking pass - add $10 there - and my goodie bag: a sweet hat, that is already in the goodwill pile and a sweatshirt. the sweatshirt is pretty awesome. and i got the boys because i don't like the color orange and i wanted it to be bit looser and maybe even fit my monkey like arms.

hi. love me. i'll fit your monkey arms.
this race is pretty pricey for what it is. i guess you are paying for the kitschy idea, but i am fairly positive i won't run this again. not particularly worth it. fun race and you do get some chocolate, but not really worth the hype.

look at how adorable i am.
my knee didn't bother me at all during this race and i was pretty ecstatic because the terrain was a bit challenging. i think some trail runs i have done are less treacherous than the streets of atlanta.

and i can't wait to see the race pictures because i definitely got dressed in the dark. and i looked a lot like oscar the grouch. (he was green right? i never have seen sesame street). green shirt, grey brooks shorts with green edging, green procompression socks....you get the idea.

it is with a heavy heart that i had to retire my beloved watch. 2012 was the end of it's run. it made my first marathon and was with me for all of my runs since i started (restarted rather) my foray into the running world. it's only fitting that it was there for my first half marathon and my first marathon before it met it's demise. it's still holding on for dear life, but i'll probably only wear it when i need a motivator. here's his replacement.

hello, my band is attached in all it's correct places.
until next time...

p.s. please ignore the awesome veins bulging out of my arm.

12 January 2013

run before the run.

i have a race tomorrow.

you know what that means? that means that i went running today. because that is what normal people do.

praia and i ran just under 4 miles today.

just a few miles to get ready for a 15k in the morning. no big deal.

i was perusing the Hot Chocolate website (yes, that is the race name) and this is what i came across:

just a little uphill race to get your sunday morning going. woof.

things i love about living in the south. it's january 12th and i wore shorts and a tshirt to go running today. i am about to go run errands in shorts and a tshirt AND flip flops. mmm flip flops.

i'll let you know what the expo is like later today.

in the meantime, these little devils are sabotaging my eating habits...and i am totally okay with it.

no i didn't eat both of them today. i ate one last night. geez. give me some credit...

09 January 2013

shorts, short. not short shorts.

short post. headed out for a short little jaunt in shorts and a tshirt in january. mmmm the south.

things that make me furiously happy.

the above mentioned shorts and tshirt running.

this face.


some days it makes me feel famous.
the end. for now.

well one quick sidenote. i do have another blog that i keep up with. and i restarted writing in it today. so if you read that then you have already seen one of these pictures...


go there. or don't. i can't make you. i will judge you, but that's what good catholics do.

07 January 2013

catholic school and secret sales.

8.07 miles last week. alright, if you start your week on sundays (like normal, sane people) then only 3 miles.

BUT since my new calendar ends the week on sundays, like some heathen (i promise i went to catholic school...lightning may strike me), i have the tallies on sundays. tallies. ha, it's been one week.

said heathen calendar (or date map as my mom calls them)

so 8.07 miles into the 2013. that's only like ninetymillion to go. but really. and yes i do math for my job and yes, i am sticking to ninetymillion.

friday was 3 miles. with BOMF. i actually got my ass out of bed at the cold dark hour of 445. yes you read that properly. 445. it was 30 degrees when i got in the car.

side note my car tells me when it's cold outside. ya know by blinking the dashboard at me and chiming. AS IF I DON'T KNOW IT'S BLOODY FREEZING.

the run went well. my knee didn't bother me, but good lousy atlanta has a lot of hills. i wasn't last and i didn't die. so that's a win.

saturday i would like a pat on the back for because i went to TWO targets and tjmaxx and bought no clothing. NOTHING. i was seriously tempted, but i bought nothing. i don't think people are allowed to go in target and buy nothing (especially when EVERYTHING is on clearance).  amendment: i bought nothing for me, all for the new shop for work....

sunday i ran 5.07 miles according to dailymile. i did not take a watch with me, even though my dad is the greatest in the entire universe and got me a new one for christmas. but it felt good to push. and again, no knee trouble.

AND then i went to hot yoga. dun. dun. dun.

i set up shop in the back and tried not to die. i was worried that people would judge me because i smelled when i got there, but we were packed in like sardines and there wasn't anyone that was smelling pretty after about 5 minutes. so i tucked my tailbone in and stretched my sitting bones to the ceiling, or something like that, i can't quite remember i was busy trying not to melt/fallover/die, and made my way through my third hot yoga class. #notsoflexiblerunnner

oh and i have a national service announcement (because i am important): if you don't sweat during hot yoga, there is something wrong with you. i don't care how much of a yogi master you are, you better be sweating. i was a melty puddle of post run goo and there was a girl by me who look as fresh as a daisy. bullshit. i'm calling it right now. she must be an alien.

in honor of no new clothing january, the secret sale that is going on at oiselle broke my heart. BUT i could of had a smoking deal on these adorable things. yes i made a shopping cart. i'm a glutton for punishment.

don't judge my other tabs.

clearance target and oiselle sale and nothing. NOTHING.

i'm going to go cry tears into my pringles and watch bama roll tide all over the irish. i can cheer for bama because i almost went to school there and i had a roommate. don't worry about the fact that i went to catholic school from k-12. don't worry about that at all......

04 January 2013


these are pictures from 2012 and on.

i found those two in a box of pictures. serious throwbacks.

my wee christmas tree for my wee apartment.

patiently waiting.

i liked this new luna bar, but felt it needed some chocolate. but then again, i think everything needs chocolate.

morning naps with the princess.

hotel breakfast at it's finest. for the record i did not eat those muffins. ONE had 210 calories.
if you look closely, she is snuggling a water bottle.

got my compression shorts from aspaeris and knew that i had to put those baby shorts on. they weren't so bad or as revolting as i thought they would be. my face disagrees. i have no words for the claw hand.

snow. snow. snow. it won't be long before we're there with SNOW...christmas/day after snow in the m-town.

christmas trees are meant to have tinsel. and as much as possible. that's my humble opinion and i judge you if you don't like tinsel. (one side of the tree didn't look so hot because my brother is apparently incapable of putting tinsel on)

the christmas babies. old man, evie, and belle.

i made risotto. side note: i made that when i got home and had it for two days straight. and no i didn't make quite that portion of it, and yes i did add feta, and no again i didn't eat cheese and crackers with it.

fine, fine, i ate cheese and crackers with it.

went out shooting things. at the range. indoors. i am civilized. somedays...

i love these things. if they were 50 cents cheaper i would really love them. and if they actually felt like dessert i would be in love with them...too far? i thought so.

new calendar! makes me so happy. however, i was saddened when i realized it didn't start the week on sundays. who does that? i mean really, what is this some sort of backwards land of calendar mayhem?

hands down best cheese.

kisses. she was really into it, and it got weird.

and then she was done being nice to me. that's what i like to call her dinosaur stare. that's what i like to call my amazing face. and no my hands are not the size of a lumberjacks. okay, just a little bit.

*side note: if i make posts like this i upload all the pictures first and then make captions. or no captions. it depends on the day or if i know how to work technology. today is a bit of both in technology land. 

03 January 2013

10 things for 2013.

because it's the 3rd day of january and i still haven't run yet, those 2013 miles i thought might be a good idea to run in this lucky 2013 (or #lucky13 - or not, i'm not sure i completely understand twitter) doesn't seem promising. eep.

okay so now that i have my computer back i guess i will elaborate on these resolutions.

1. run 2013 miles.

ambitious one i am. as i was reading twitter feeds (i.e. wasting time), i came across this one about taking the challenge to run 2,013 miles in 2013. terrifying. here is the link to where i read about it.

here's a breakdown:

i of course will not be doing the last one, unless it's for hot chocolate. if i ran to starbuck's 671 times, i would be awake for approximately the next 90 years. a very annoying 90 years i may add.

so let's see if we can make this happen. logging 0 miles so far, isn't helping. tomorrow i will run 3 miles in the morning with BOMF, and it will be a bit chilly...alright it will be effing cold. i hate the cold.

2. eat healthier

so far i've accomplished this. well if you don't count the number of reece's christmas trees i have hoarded in my kitchen.

3. each month make a new goal

january's goal: no new clothes

i'll figure out the others once i get there.

4. actually train

this one is a big fat failure i would suppose in my book. next sunday i have a 15k to run. first race post marathon. i know i can run it, but i may not be my best showing.

and i have to start going to a physical therapist. doctor's orders.

5. go to yoga

since i bought 10 classes on groupon, it should make this easier. craziness with work is will make it difficult.

yes,  i bought it in november...and have yet to print it out.

6. try a new workout

i've wanted to go to purre bar for a while as well as try out flywheel.

maybe, since it's ass cold outside, i may join a gym. maybe just maybe. because treadmill running and swimming count as new workouts, no?


7. no soda except gingerale.

so far so good. and gingerale totally doesn't count. and i may have given my eye teeth to have one new years day. oof.

umm ewww.

8. stay away from fried food.

french fries totally don't count and neither do tater tots. because those are heaven on earth.

they are soooooooo delicious.
9. embrace change.

this one is inevitable. things have already started changing and i think i am handling it okay so far. it's day 3 and all. and well it won't really start changing until next week.

10. dream big, have fun, don't be afraid to fail, and stop worrying.

that's quite a loaded one, but it's true.

02 January 2013

Here's looking at you 2013.

Well it's officially the 2nd day of the New Year and I have done absolutely 0 running. I ran NYE so I'm dragging that out until tomorrow...

Since its the New Year, I'll do the obligatory what I will do in 2013 post. Tomorrow when I have my laptop back (minor miscommunication there...) I will do a recap of 2012.

Ambitious. Yes.