12 January 2013

run before the run.

i have a race tomorrow.

you know what that means? that means that i went running today. because that is what normal people do.

praia and i ran just under 4 miles today.

just a few miles to get ready for a 15k in the morning. no big deal.

i was perusing the Hot Chocolate website (yes, that is the race name) and this is what i came across:

just a little uphill race to get your sunday morning going. woof.

things i love about living in the south. it's january 12th and i wore shorts and a tshirt to go running today. i am about to go run errands in shorts and a tshirt AND flip flops. mmm flip flops.

i'll let you know what the expo is like later today.

in the meantime, these little devils are sabotaging my eating habits...and i am totally okay with it.

no i didn't eat both of them today. i ate one last night. geez. give me some credit...

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