03 January 2013

10 things for 2013.

because it's the 3rd day of january and i still haven't run yet, those 2013 miles i thought might be a good idea to run in this lucky 2013 (or #lucky13 - or not, i'm not sure i completely understand twitter) doesn't seem promising. eep.

okay so now that i have my computer back i guess i will elaborate on these resolutions.

1. run 2013 miles.

ambitious one i am. as i was reading twitter feeds (i.e. wasting time), i came across this one about taking the challenge to run 2,013 miles in 2013. terrifying. here is the link to where i read about it.

here's a breakdown:

i of course will not be doing the last one, unless it's for hot chocolate. if i ran to starbuck's 671 times, i would be awake for approximately the next 90 years. a very annoying 90 years i may add.

so let's see if we can make this happen. logging 0 miles so far, isn't helping. tomorrow i will run 3 miles in the morning with BOMF, and it will be a bit chilly...alright it will be effing cold. i hate the cold.

2. eat healthier

so far i've accomplished this. well if you don't count the number of reece's christmas trees i have hoarded in my kitchen.

3. each month make a new goal

january's goal: no new clothes

i'll figure out the others once i get there.

4. actually train

this one is a big fat failure i would suppose in my book. next sunday i have a 15k to run. first race post marathon. i know i can run it, but i may not be my best showing.

and i have to start going to a physical therapist. doctor's orders.

5. go to yoga

since i bought 10 classes on groupon, it should make this easier. craziness with work is will make it difficult.

yes,  i bought it in november...and have yet to print it out.

6. try a new workout

i've wanted to go to purre bar for a while as well as try out flywheel.

maybe, since it's ass cold outside, i may join a gym. maybe just maybe. because treadmill running and swimming count as new workouts, no?


7. no soda except gingerale.

so far so good. and gingerale totally doesn't count. and i may have given my eye teeth to have one new years day. oof.

umm ewww.

8. stay away from fried food.

french fries totally don't count and neither do tater tots. because those are heaven on earth.

they are soooooooo delicious.
9. embrace change.

this one is inevitable. things have already started changing and i think i am handling it okay so far. it's day 3 and all. and well it won't really start changing until next week.

10. dream big, have fun, don't be afraid to fail, and stop worrying.

that's quite a loaded one, but it's true.

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