17 January 2013

i don't live in seattle...

but it sure feels like it.

all it has done here is rain.

sunday was the race, and monday was a rest day. tuesday was a way too hectic and sleepy day. OH AND RAINING.

and it hasn't stopped raining. not once. i am slowly losing my mind. the rest day is now going on day three, possibly into day four.

so what have i been doing you all may be wondering?

well last night i went to this.

 such a good show. if he is ever in your area, or anywhere near you, i urge you to go. no urge isn't strong enough, i demand you go. he is that good.

tuesday at the gas station this may have happened:

 in my defense the snickers were three for $2. game on...

but mainly i have just been going out of my mind. and i have company for that...

 i know p. it's just so rough being trapped inside all day, please try and make yourself comfortable. 

when i got off work today, i decided to take one of those personality tests. like i don't already know what i am....introverted, a bit ocd, slightly crazy, friendly, but allusive. that's usually what i get, but today i took something call the archetype test. found here.

it's a quick test. which i like because i don't have the attention span for them. here are my results.

because you need a telescope to read that here is the breakdown:

58% - caregiver
16% - intellectual
6% - spiritual

aha the caregiver. that one i know all too well...

20% others? you got me. i lost interest and never figured out what that was.

the caregiver i am sold on as well as the intellectual, but the spiritual. not really my cup of tea. sure i like my spirits, as well as my beliefs (see what i did there), but i wouldn't say that i am "drawn to questions of faith."

but i've got this going for me:

 i was at first a little confused about who i was supposed to be in that picture. lance? oprah? just who are they comparing me to? and the answer is.......lance.

me and lance are apparently on the same level. awesome opossum.

maybe tomorrow i can go for a run. mmm i would love that.