21 January 2013

green monster.

this morning i tweeted this:

guess what i still haven't done....

get out of my pajamas, run, or do anything that required me leaving the couch for more than 10 minutes at a time. it's 5 pm.

i keep telling myself that i will get up and run some. yes if you are wondering, i did actually work today...besides my brother sent me this text this morning:

"just slammed a grey goose bloody in the ATL airport, gonna be a good vacation"

i officially hate him. he is headed to punta cana? maybe, i don't know, i stopped listening when i saw the price tag, that i couldn't go, that i would be at work, and that it is supposed to be 44 tomorrow.

these are all besides the point. it's 5:07 and i haven't run. i did brush my teeth and made a real live lunch.

maybe just maybe, i'll get my ass in gear and get a run in. but in the meantime, remember when i ran the inaugural hot chocolate 15k 2 weekends ago and i said i shouldn't get dressed in the dark anymore? well here's why...

fierce determination face?
SO MUCH GREEN. kermit the frog would be jealous. but you know what, i have no shame. i wear the dumbest stuff when running because i can't be bothered to check and see if it matches together. socks however are a whole different story. i don't know how people can wear mismatched socks. drives me bonkers.

as my and hot chocolates first 15k experience i don't really know how to judge my time. but i didn't die, i didn't walk and i had no knee pain. so for the first race of the new year, i'll take it.

so i'll give it a thumbs up even though i will never run it again, and it wasn't all that great of a race in itself...

here's to maybe getting my butt off the couch and out the door. i did manage to write down what miles i am supposed to be running (since i missed all of last week, stupid rain and work. oh did i forget to mention that i logged ZERO miles last week...) and i think i can manage them. 4 miles tomorrow, 4 miles wednesday, and 16 miles saturday. woof.