13 January 2013

hot chocolate 15k

well that's over and done with.

you get this adorable mug that is filled on one side with chocolate and the other side with a banana, stale pretzels, a rice krispy treat, and some sort of wafer cookie sandwich thing. all vehicles to shove chocolate into your face as quickly as possible. well maybe not the stale pretzels because those were gross.

i drank some of the lukewarm hot chocolate before i bailed on it too. and if you are like me, you spill the chocolate on your newly cleaned (ahem yesterday) floor mat and curse vigorously. okay, maybe i didn't vigorously curse the world, but that's because it was effing early when i woke up and i was a bit pooped.

same alarm from my marathon. not same picture.

it was a fun race, but a bit longer than a 15k or i am just dumb at daily mile. both highly likely. so tough call there. there weren't really a whole lot of spectators until the finish. and most of those spectators were the 5k finishers. who went first? stupid.

the race started on time at 815. but it was hot. i mean it's 70 outside right now. why couldn't the 5k start later than the 15k so it wasn't so hot? (i need a nap. clearly i am grumpy).

the water stations were great and plentiful. if it's possible for a race to be entirely uphill, then this one accomplished and exceeded it.

when i went to the expo yesterday (which was a pain in the butt) i picked up my parking pass - add $10 there - and my goodie bag: a sweet hat, that is already in the goodwill pile and a sweatshirt. the sweatshirt is pretty awesome. and i got the boys because i don't like the color orange and i wanted it to be bit looser and maybe even fit my monkey like arms.

hi. love me. i'll fit your monkey arms.
this race is pretty pricey for what it is. i guess you are paying for the kitschy idea, but i am fairly positive i won't run this again. not particularly worth it. fun race and you do get some chocolate, but not really worth the hype.

look at how adorable i am.
my knee didn't bother me at all during this race and i was pretty ecstatic because the terrain was a bit challenging. i think some trail runs i have done are less treacherous than the streets of atlanta.

and i can't wait to see the race pictures because i definitely got dressed in the dark. and i looked a lot like oscar the grouch. (he was green right? i never have seen sesame street). green shirt, grey brooks shorts with green edging, green procompression socks....you get the idea.

it is with a heavy heart that i had to retire my beloved watch. 2012 was the end of it's run. it made my first marathon and was with me for all of my runs since i started (restarted rather) my foray into the running world. it's only fitting that it was there for my first half marathon and my first marathon before it met it's demise. it's still holding on for dear life, but i'll probably only wear it when i need a motivator. here's his replacement.

hello, my band is attached in all it's correct places.
until next time...

p.s. please ignore the awesome veins bulging out of my arm.

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