07 January 2013

catholic school and secret sales.

8.07 miles last week. alright, if you start your week on sundays (like normal, sane people) then only 3 miles.

BUT since my new calendar ends the week on sundays, like some heathen (i promise i went to catholic school...lightning may strike me), i have the tallies on sundays. tallies. ha, it's been one week.

said heathen calendar (or date map as my mom calls them)

so 8.07 miles into the 2013. that's only like ninetymillion to go. but really. and yes i do math for my job and yes, i am sticking to ninetymillion.

friday was 3 miles. with BOMF. i actually got my ass out of bed at the cold dark hour of 445. yes you read that properly. 445. it was 30 degrees when i got in the car.

side note my car tells me when it's cold outside. ya know by blinking the dashboard at me and chiming. AS IF I DON'T KNOW IT'S BLOODY FREEZING.

the run went well. my knee didn't bother me, but good lousy atlanta has a lot of hills. i wasn't last and i didn't die. so that's a win.

saturday i would like a pat on the back for because i went to TWO targets and tjmaxx and bought no clothing. NOTHING. i was seriously tempted, but i bought nothing. i don't think people are allowed to go in target and buy nothing (especially when EVERYTHING is on clearance).  amendment: i bought nothing for me, all for the new shop for work....

sunday i ran 5.07 miles according to dailymile. i did not take a watch with me, even though my dad is the greatest in the entire universe and got me a new one for christmas. but it felt good to push. and again, no knee trouble.

AND then i went to hot yoga. dun. dun. dun.

i set up shop in the back and tried not to die. i was worried that people would judge me because i smelled when i got there, but we were packed in like sardines and there wasn't anyone that was smelling pretty after about 5 minutes. so i tucked my tailbone in and stretched my sitting bones to the ceiling, or something like that, i can't quite remember i was busy trying not to melt/fallover/die, and made my way through my third hot yoga class. #notsoflexiblerunnner

oh and i have a national service announcement (because i am important): if you don't sweat during hot yoga, there is something wrong with you. i don't care how much of a yogi master you are, you better be sweating. i was a melty puddle of post run goo and there was a girl by me who look as fresh as a daisy. bullshit. i'm calling it right now. she must be an alien.

in honor of no new clothing january, the secret sale that is going on at oiselle broke my heart. BUT i could of had a smoking deal on these adorable things. yes i made a shopping cart. i'm a glutton for punishment.

don't judge my other tabs.

clearance target and oiselle sale and nothing. NOTHING.

i'm going to go cry tears into my pringles and watch bama roll tide all over the irish. i can cheer for bama because i almost went to school there and i had a roommate. don't worry about the fact that i went to catholic school from k-12. don't worry about that at all......

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