28 November 2012


i am sitting on the floor of my den pondering (mainly stretching) why on earth i signed up for a marathon.

not only that, i've already signed up for another.

there must be something off in my brain.

you know what else is off? my internal clock. it doesn't know what day it is, time it is, when it is appropriate to eat food. nothing.

i think one of the main reasons i signed up to do a marathon was to prove to myself that i could. i run for me. no one else. sure i like when people support me in my running goals, but i don't run to show other people that i a can. i run because i know i can and i like to push. (hence why i finished a 1/2 with a bum knee...)

so now is time to prove to myself that i can do it.

and maybe wrangle a new pair of shoes before, because i still haven't done that yet.... ::head hung::

race results:

yes you are reading that correctly (with a magnifying glass and bifocals of course) that i ran under 8 minute miles. boom.

fine, barely under 8 minute miles. but whatever i lost to a 14 year old (clearly we were in competition...) cousin of one of my friends by 40 seconds. i take it as a win in my book. 

i am also not ashamed to say that i ate my weight in oreos and animal crackers at the end. and didn't drink enough champagne to make france blush. okay, okay you caught me, i did indeed drink enough champagne to make france blush. followed by some good old american (not owned by americans, but still american) coors light.

and if someone wants to buy me this for christmas i will love you forever and we can be best friends. i have only been lusting after it since june...

27 November 2012

post thanksgiving, pre marathon.

marathon is in 5 days. AHHHHHHHHHH

i'm not ready. even slighty.

so i'll avoid it for now and post all of these pictures from my awesome week at home.

i did run while at home. and ran a race. boom.

leaving on a jet plane.

my tree with a hamster buried under it. true story.

face time with the old man

watching the sunrise on race day.

free mini cliff bars. best. idea. ever.

a little italian mimosas on thanksgiving.

thanks tasha.

snuggle buddies.

yep. that's mom.

looking pretty with the sil.

totally innocent.

power hour tradition at NMAS

belle sleeps rather bizarrely

puppy sock. leggins as pants. football. mmm saturdays at home

dropping bombs on mom in yahtzee.

sweet old man.

converted mom to ProCompression socks.

memphis is dark at 6am.

up in the clouds.

sunrise on an airplane.

i am taking this week (3 days before i get on a plane to go home again) to think of race strategies.

the winning contender so far: don't die.

solid advice.

17 November 2012

wordless saturday.

well almost.

i've been a bad blogger since the last half marathon. over a month. eep.

so here's what i have been up too in picture form...

post disaster 1/2 mimosa party on my couch.

sharing personal space

wine and drawing with the lovely lady below.

taking over my left arm so i can't type

realizing even with a discount italy is expensive

i am a bad person, but i giggle every single time

fall colors in the north georgia mountains

the problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind - humphrey bogart

trader joe's fall flowers compliments of the mom

hair of the dog attempt.

break from atlanta

soothing the soul

forever driving. one tank - destin, atl, birmingham

surprise dinner for mom's birthday was a success

dracula beer coozie

too cool for me with her new mohawk

tag on the tail of my shirt i wore as a dress

the dirty guv'nahs

much deserved nap time

perks of babysitting

keeping my wine and drawing partner company

buying a little art for a good cause

questioning words with friends tactics..

3's across the board in the work truck.