17 November 2012

wordless saturday.

well almost.

i've been a bad blogger since the last half marathon. over a month. eep.

so here's what i have been up too in picture form...

post disaster 1/2 mimosa party on my couch.

sharing personal space

wine and drawing with the lovely lady below.

taking over my left arm so i can't type

realizing even with a discount italy is expensive

i am a bad person, but i giggle every single time

fall colors in the north georgia mountains

the problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind - humphrey bogart

trader joe's fall flowers compliments of the mom

hair of the dog attempt.

break from atlanta

soothing the soul

forever driving. one tank - destin, atl, birmingham

surprise dinner for mom's birthday was a success

dracula beer coozie

too cool for me with her new mohawk

tag on the tail of my shirt i wore as a dress

the dirty guv'nahs

much deserved nap time

perks of babysitting

keeping my wine and drawing partner company

buying a little art for a good cause

questioning words with friends tactics..

3's across the board in the work truck.

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