11 October 2012

snotty and sobbing.

i had a rough time convincing myself that today was thursday. i laid/lain/layed? in bed for a good 5 minutes contemplating what day of the week it was. legitimately had no idea.

i also have been sleeping later in the mornings because of a self imposed running rest break.

self imposed because of the disaster that was sunday at the Allstate 13.1

saturday mom and i went to the LA Fitness to get my packet. which was the lamest packet pick-up i have ever been too. but whatever.

mom and i watched lsu get clobbered and the georgia get stomped. bad day in our household in the football world.

after downing about 18 gallons of water, i finally convinced myself to go to bed.

this was the first race that i haven't been worried about sleeping late, missing the race, wearing no clothes to the race. typical worries that keep me up the whole night. i slept like a rock until the lovely hour of 445. mmmmm. should have known.

mom and i drove over to where the parking was for the race, walked to dunkin donuts...i had to potty, and failed, and then walked to the race. it wasn't a super big race, but it was just the half and a 5k. a bit of a bizarre combo if you ask me.

the race began in the dark, and it was a bit of an obstacle course. the neighborhood didn't have street lights, so you had to seriously watch out for the speed bumps and tree limbs.

i was falling nicely behind the 1:45 pace group. i knew i probably wouldn't be able to sustain it, but i figured it was a good place to be. the pace felt comfortable and the weather was beautiful.

i crested a hill just as the sun was coming up and it was absolutely spectacular. mile 7.5ish comes along and i feel that familiar tug at my knee. i knew the race was over for me.

so what does a 26 year old do, when she knows her IT band is shot, and she has +/- 6.6 miles to go? well this one sat on the curb and sobbed uncontrollably. SOBBED. i started to walk back, but i couldn't make myself. i wanted to finish. i HAD to finish.

snotty, tear streaked me jumped back in the pack and motored on. and by motored i mean walked/hobbled/jogged the rest of it.

if i had been able to keep my pace i would have finished right about 1:50 or so. a big PR for me. but alas, i didn't.

i ran my heart out the last .5 mile. and cried simultaneously.

not one of my finer moments.

but i must say, runners during a race are the most supportive people ever. EVER.

and it's over.

tomorrow is tentative run day 1.