27 January 2014

running blind date. rublate?

what to do when you have twenty miles scheduled and you have never actually "run" that distance before in your entire 27 years on the planet?

you recruit. i know i've said it before, but i will say it again. the power of social media is amazing. a friend of a friend was running twenty miles saturday. conveniently the same day i was running. so i typed her a response to her message about running, closed my eyes, and clicked send.

just like that i was going on a running blind date. (thanks court for the terminology :) )

twenty miles is a long way. and her pace is slower than my normal, but it's twenty miles and i didn't want to break anything so i figured it was better than not running anything at all. right? right!

now that means 4+ hours of running with someone i have never met before. my friend hilary did run part of it with us which was awesome. and she is a rockstar because she ran 4.5 miles over her intended distance.

but it turned out to be just a-okay. anything to keep me entertained. as it turns out, i don't actually let the other person/people entertain me as much as i think, because i realized that i do not shut up when i am running with people. to be honest, i don't actually shut up that often when i am not running, so it shouldn't have been too much of a surprise.

 fairly positive that is me.

we ran what is deemed the hardest part of the Publix Marathon course. that may actually just be my opinion, but i like to think there are people out there who hate it as well. hills. so many hills.

anyhowsies. seeing a city on foot is a great way to check out all the sites. and when you have a twenty mile run. you see all of them. well at least a good majority of them.


agnes scott:

decatur town square:

your friendly neighborhood publix (water stop)

emory university:


giant houses in grandiose neighborhoods.

the lovely firemen at fire station 19 in the virginia highlands. (second water stop).

and i am sure many other things, but i was freezing and it was 20 miles. so my brain turned off at a certain point and was over it.

so that's how i ran twenty miles. one foot in front of the other. except when i was distracted and forgot about looking where my feet were....

25 January 2014

size doesn't matter

and as a girl, that is something very difficult and confusing to grasp.

media centers around the size of a woman's waist, bust, butt, hips, and even eyeballs. how are girls/women/people not supposed to notice?

this is something i have wanted to write about for a long time, but never really knew where to start.

last year in january i wrote down my weight. i vowed i wouldn't get on a scale again until june. in september i finally stepped on the scale again. and this january i stepped on it once more. no i won't tell you the number, because it doesn't matter, but it was the exact same as it was a year ago.

playing the numbers game is depressing and totally self deprecating. but for some reason i couldn't stop. every morning right before i brushed my teeth i stepped on that scale. i wouldn't say my day was depicted based on that number, but often times, more often than i care to admit, i'd be a little bummed.

the big issue with this is that it is just a number. it measures diddly squat. precisely dick. 


i'm still not quite ready to admit it, but in being complete transparent and in the honor of full disclosure i will tell you why i stopped.

no one can guess your weight, or know exactly what that means. i don't even know. the number is a way to make you feel bad or worse about yourself. it's always a goal that people try to attain. once attained they make a new goal. and you know what. it's not about the number. it's about the health they've gained. and the energy. the glow. the confidence. that is was matters.


that started to irk me. i've watched some really good friends get lost in the number and not realize the actual harm they were inflicting on themselves and on others.

i am particularly sensitive to people joking about what i do and don't eat. i don't scrutinize you based on your food choices, please show me the same courtesy. it is something that ever since i was child will instantly put me in a horrible mood and question myself. i know the majority of the time this question isn't meant to cause harm, but it does. and it's not a fun path to go down.

this is how it makes me feel.


don't make people feel this way. no one likes to feel crazy. ever. even if they are crazy. and trust me, we are all crazy. why else would i run marathons? certainly not sanity. it's the beer. definitely that.

back to the issue at hand.

stepping on the scale somehow measured a personal value that didn't actually mean anything to anyone but me. it's not like if someone asked me what the number was i would be proud and announce it from the rooftops. perhaps there are people that do that, but alas, i am not one of them.

i wanted to have a healthy relationship with who i was. and that meant how i was built. it is not like i have ever had a problem with eating, binging, or dieting. it was more of an issue with how i perceived what people thought of me based on my size. and you know what, my size has nothing to do with who i am.

i may be little, but i don't deprive myself. i know full well what would happen if i just ate everything i wanted and did nothing in return. i've done that and i was unhappy. i'm not perfect, i have bad days, but for the majority of the time i feel pretty good about myself. taking the number out of the equation freed up a lot of time for me to do other things. travel, surf, run, make friends and drink all the beers. i wouldn't take any of that back. ever.

if you ever pick on me because of my size i will kick your ass. that is in writing. and you can take my word for it. i will absolutely kick your ass. and i won't feel a damn bit of regret or remorse, because you know what, i've accomplished some amazing things with this build i have and i know that. you can't take those accomplishments away from me. and besides it's not okay to scrutinize a person based on their weight. ever.

sorry i'm not sorry for all the jlaw.

24 January 2014

a post full of things. or nothing. all the nothings.

yesterday started off as one of those days trying to frazzle you and make you hate the rest of the day.

i might have thrown a slight temper tantrum in the car when a client called and told me they were 45 minutes away. only approximately 2.5 hours early. oh and i was 2 hours away....nbd.

i started to get flustered, but then i decided that i was going to keep my head up and haul tail and get everything done that needed to get done.

i then decided to brave the frigid out of doors to go for a run. uhm, holy cold batman. not a fun run. solo running the cold is terrible. having friends run it with you is waayy more fun.

which is why tomorrow i am running 20 miles with a friend of a friend. TWENTY. i may die.

this is a post about nothing, because i got nothing. other than people who don't wave when you wave are rude. RUDE.

so in conclusion i bring you five fact friday:

1. leggings as pants are acceptable to me. i love them. they are so comfy and if worn right - i.e. no butt or crotchage showing - i don't find them offensive. also santa brought me some lulu leggings. i don't ever want to take them off. and i mean ever. they make your butt look gooooood.

not my butt
and then you feel like this. and who doesn't want this?


2. my apartment has been flooded for two weeks and two days as of today. seriously. my roommate and i have been sharing my room and my bathroom. oh along with the cats. management is completely noncommittal or forthcoming with information. this is how i feel about it today.


3. i abort all situations when people are downright rude. i did it last saturday. the rooms and i went out and met up with some of her friends (acquaintances?) and one of them was awful. don't yell at me when everyone is singing journey. not cool man. not cool.

i mean honestly who doesn't have fun jamming out to journey? not anyone i want to be friends with, that's who.

4. i am that obnoxious runner that waves and talks to everyone i pass. the roomie and i have been watching a lot of disappeared and i want people to remember me if something like that happens. also, i'm just obnoxious.

5. i hate shopping for pants - may be why i wear leggings all the time. everytime i walk into a store to buy pants they never carry the longs. WTF. not a single pair. that or they only carry them starting at a certain size. what if people are smaller than that size. why you got to discriminate against tall people. also why do the cute pants never come in longs? this has been a constant struggle my entire life. oh and this...enough said


09 January 2014

thirsty thursday.

this week has not been my week.

i started off strong with that nine miler and then things went to shit.

monday wasn't terrible.

tuesday was dreadful.

i managed to lock myself out of the truck with it running with the spare key in it. go me.

the shop didn't have any water. so i brushed my teeth with a bottle of water. i also rocked three day old hair from sunday.

i may have cried big fat ugly tears. and psycho dialed darwin from 8AM until he picked up. in his defense, it was 6AM his time when i started calling.

a phone call to AAA (ahem, website request - because i was on hold for 10 minutes) and 1.5 later i was ready to start my day.

with a two hour drive to work. timely. nothing like being 3.5 hours late for work. my bad. 

then driving the truck back to the shop to finish up a project so i could finally head home. 930PM i finally made it home. and crashed and burned.

wednesday was ghastly awful.

i woke up at 545 because i couldn't breathe out of my nose. awesome opossum.

i made my delivery and headed to work.

i came home early because i had this weird feeling i needed to.

i got home at 330 and my apartment was flooded. yep flooded.

squishy, soupy mess.

 so that's fun.

stay tuned for my post on how not to run an apartment complex and handle a flood situation...

and what does a normal person do when their apartment is a swamp hazard waste land? drink

today is obnoxious.

there are i would say 5 people in my apartment right now starting the rectification process of what used to be my apartment.

there are 2 cats that have been locked in my bedroom since 9AM this morning.

oh did i mention they turned off our water last night. so i brushed my teeth with a bottle of water. for the second time this week. SECOND.

let's not even talk about how you pee or shower. because the shower thing...yea that's not happening at the moment. because.we.still.have.no.water. zero. zilch. nada.

me no gusta.

so there is my thirsty thursday. and no it's not because i am drinking, although i would like to be. heavily. it's because my apartment is really really soggy.

but it could be worse....it can always be worse.

06 January 2014

recruiting friends.

what happens when you need to recruit people to run with you to hold you accountable to this running game you've signed up for? oh and get your butt out the door in the foggy, cold, maybe rainy conditions...

you remember that your ragnar girls have a group on ze facebook and you post about it.

and then you get people who actually respond and want to run with you.

in less than 2 hours. i had recruited two people to run all and some with me. and all might have changed from 13-15 because i read the calendar wrong...special i am.

9 miles, 1.5 hours, and some amazing conversation later, the run was done. 

fairly harmless and pain free. it was spectacular. i always forget how nice it is to run with other people.

not only do they hold you accountable, they keep you entertained. which on long runs entertainment is key. 

they also push you up the mountains that atlanta claims as hills...

ladies let's do this again soon and perhaps with beer at the end. or mimosas. i'm not picky.


02 January 2014

new year. new focus. new goals.

with the new year (and some new gear) and a looming 6 weeks until marathon number 3, it's time i got my butt in gear.

running has certainly taken a backseat to traveling, but i think with a little dedication and focus, i can be ready and healthy in time for february 16th.

i've still got a fairly solid base of mileage for running, but i need to up some of those miles if i want to actually not die in the marathon.

fingers crossed.

here's to a new year, a new me (you), and some fairly big changes.

i've got some new goals that i am looking to actually obtain this year, and i think i can make it happen. it's going to require a lot of dedication and time management, but with the right attitude i think it's all possible.

i can't wait to see how they all pan out.