09 January 2014

thirsty thursday.

this week has not been my week.

i started off strong with that nine miler and then things went to shit.

monday wasn't terrible.

tuesday was dreadful.

i managed to lock myself out of the truck with it running with the spare key in it. go me.

the shop didn't have any water. so i brushed my teeth with a bottle of water. i also rocked three day old hair from sunday.

i may have cried big fat ugly tears. and psycho dialed darwin from 8AM until he picked up. in his defense, it was 6AM his time when i started calling.

a phone call to AAA (ahem, website request - because i was on hold for 10 minutes) and 1.5 later i was ready to start my day.

with a two hour drive to work. timely. nothing like being 3.5 hours late for work. my bad. 

then driving the truck back to the shop to finish up a project so i could finally head home. 930PM i finally made it home. and crashed and burned.

wednesday was ghastly awful.

i woke up at 545 because i couldn't breathe out of my nose. awesome opossum.

i made my delivery and headed to work.

i came home early because i had this weird feeling i needed to.

i got home at 330 and my apartment was flooded. yep flooded.

squishy, soupy mess.

 so that's fun.

stay tuned for my post on how not to run an apartment complex and handle a flood situation...

and what does a normal person do when their apartment is a swamp hazard waste land? drink

today is obnoxious.

there are i would say 5 people in my apartment right now starting the rectification process of what used to be my apartment.

there are 2 cats that have been locked in my bedroom since 9AM this morning.

oh did i mention they turned off our water last night. so i brushed my teeth with a bottle of water. for the second time this week. SECOND.

let's not even talk about how you pee or shower. because the shower thing...yea that's not happening at the moment. because.we.still.have.no.water. zero. zilch. nada.

me no gusta.

so there is my thirsty thursday. and no it's not because i am drinking, although i would like to be. heavily. it's because my apartment is really really soggy.

but it could be worse....it can always be worse.