24 January 2014

a post full of things. or nothing. all the nothings.

yesterday started off as one of those days trying to frazzle you and make you hate the rest of the day.

i might have thrown a slight temper tantrum in the car when a client called and told me they were 45 minutes away. only approximately 2.5 hours early. oh and i was 2 hours away....nbd.

i started to get flustered, but then i decided that i was going to keep my head up and haul tail and get everything done that needed to get done.

i then decided to brave the frigid out of doors to go for a run. uhm, holy cold batman. not a fun run. solo running the cold is terrible. having friends run it with you is waayy more fun.

which is why tomorrow i am running 20 miles with a friend of a friend. TWENTY. i may die.

this is a post about nothing, because i got nothing. other than people who don't wave when you wave are rude. RUDE.

so in conclusion i bring you five fact friday:

1. leggings as pants are acceptable to me. i love them. they are so comfy and if worn right - i.e. no butt or crotchage showing - i don't find them offensive. also santa brought me some lulu leggings. i don't ever want to take them off. and i mean ever. they make your butt look gooooood.

not my butt
and then you feel like this. and who doesn't want this?


2. my apartment has been flooded for two weeks and two days as of today. seriously. my roommate and i have been sharing my room and my bathroom. oh along with the cats. management is completely noncommittal or forthcoming with information. this is how i feel about it today.


3. i abort all situations when people are downright rude. i did it last saturday. the rooms and i went out and met up with some of her friends (acquaintances?) and one of them was awful. don't yell at me when everyone is singing journey. not cool man. not cool.

i mean honestly who doesn't have fun jamming out to journey? not anyone i want to be friends with, that's who.

4. i am that obnoxious runner that waves and talks to everyone i pass. the roomie and i have been watching a lot of disappeared and i want people to remember me if something like that happens. also, i'm just obnoxious.

5. i hate shopping for pants - may be why i wear leggings all the time. everytime i walk into a store to buy pants they never carry the longs. WTF. not a single pair. that or they only carry them starting at a certain size. what if people are smaller than that size. why you got to discriminate against tall people. also why do the cute pants never come in longs? this has been a constant struggle my entire life. oh and this...enough said