09 January 2015

2 months ago today.

today marks two months since i arrived home from Guatemala and three months since i left for Guatemala.

when i landed in Houston i almost kissed the ground. almost. i did find the biggest piece of pizza i could along with a glass of tap water. it's amazing how not having access to clean water really puts a damper on your water intake. and because apparently i am a glutton for punishment i ate some cheetos. i really wanted to test the limits of my already shaky stomach and see if i could possibly actually poop my pants.

what's the first thing i did when i arrive back in Memphis you ask? that would be to eat more processed cheese and then top it off with chinese food. because #yolo

if you want to follow along with my Guatemalan adventures check out my travel blog. that's where you will find my updates that are slowly but surely coming along.

while i was in guatemala one of my very best friends asked me to run her very first half marathon with her. and me being the selfless person that i am, said yes. and then set out on the mission to recruit as many people as possible for this. i encourage all of you to come run the Rock 'N Roll in Nashville with my friends and i. Nashville is always a good time and i've heard great things about this race. (aside from the hills).
 training has started. albeit slowly because holy cold batman, but i am excited to have my first race of 2015 on the calendar. and hopefully i can get another in before Nashville.

speaking of training, since i am unemployed i have zero excuses to get out the door, which means that i should probably get on that for today...

oh and i will be taking a slight interruption in training to head to the land down under....

ahem. ahem. ahem. check out my other blog. SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION