26 June 2012


all my backs are packed; i'm ready to go...cause i'm leaving on a jetplane.

all of these things are true except for the ready to go.

i'm just not ready to say goodbye. it doesn't seem fair. he was such an inspirational man. i know he is in a better place, but man i am going to miss him.

seeing all my friends flooding my facebook feed with the funny things he used to say and things he used to call us makes me tear up thinking about it.

there is such an outpouring of love. it's enviable, really that one man could touch the hearts of so many.

here's looking at you old guy. catch you on the flipside...


one your grown up diaper dandies.

25 June 2012


today is the monday of all mondays.

mom came in town this weekend. with the conemonster. i also had praia. it was quite the full house.

a lot of carbs were consumed this weekend. pizza, pasta, and beer. fantastic in my book.

i didn't run friday or saturday. sunday i ran late with praia and i think we both lost 8lbs because we were sweating like a hooker in church...is that rude to say? #sorryimnotsorry

on a sad note, i am headed home wednesday. i know, i know you may think i just can't handle being away from my family, but in truth my coach that i spoke about here, has passed away.

i have certainly had better mondays.

i am currently making my running schedule. it seemed fitting.

nothing like combing running training plans and making them your own. it's more fun that way....

22 June 2012


quick update.

tnf better than naked shorts are the new loves of my life.

oh and robert earl keen was amazing. as well as his opener: white buffalo. i highly recommend them both if you are out of the loop.

soooo many new loves. oh and the new balance shorts just got shipped, along with my june naturebox. hello june is almost over.....

20 June 2012

pepper needs new shorts.

quick, name that movie....


shorts. yes shorts. the age old search for the best pair of running shorts. at the moment i have a new favorite.

the brooks that i bought at marshall's. i have worn them no less that 4 times since friday. that's dedication right there.

these look like the shorts, but let's be honest i have no real idea.  also, by look like them i mean style wise and because they are grey. they came from marshall's. and i would take a picture of them like a normal human, but that would require taking them off and that just ain't happening (i told you i liked these). sorry charlies. oh did i mention? these don't have a zipper back pocket, but they DO have dual velcro back pockets on each side that you can kind of see in this picture. they are also turquoise and flowered as opposed to that boring old blue in the picture. and and the underwear liner is striped. like a pin-suit. makes me feel important.

now today. in the mail. a package was there. tnf better than naked shorts have officially arrived. I CANNOT contain my EXCITEMENT to test those bad boys out. tomorrow. tomorrow.

oh hey there fancy pants back pocket.

today as well: i ran this morning. GO ME. haha. right...but i really did run. tomorrow (in my new shorts) i am going to attempt to get up on time (i slept through my alarm this morning) and go on a long run.

today again: i ordered those new balance shorts i was talking about....the clymb website had them and you can't really beat paying $17 instead of fifty....woop woop

yesterday: i changed the blog up... you like? ahem...giant collage at the top. picmonkey.com is my new best friend. for realsy.

i know i know i am bouncing around like a ping pong ball today. i am really excited about my shorts and future shorts. also the robert earl keen and jack johnson cd's i just purchased.

speaking of robert earl keen (REK) i am going to see him tomorrow and i am more excited about that than my new shorts. plural shorts. that's a lot of excitement there. and possibly more than my birthday. and if you know me, REK has a lot to live up to in excitement territory over my birthday excitement.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. i've also eaten enough fruit this week to stave off scurvy for at least 2 years. minimum.

19 June 2012

mea culpa.

mea culpa, mea culpa. many many mea culpas.

i've been a bad blogger. mainly because i haven't done anything.

i ran saturday to the farmer's market. about 1.5 miles. wooooo. big numbers there. i bought some carrots and the craziest looking zucchini, squash combo. i just made some of the squacchini (yes, believe that happened) for dinner. delicious.

i have no pictures of it, because i inhaled it. i didn't eat dinner last night. i have however eaten an enormous amount of fruit. literally and literally. amounts and sizes. check out this blueberry...

it's the size of the blackberry. the strawberry is monstrous as well.  i am missing the watermelon and cantaloup combo. so it will make a reappearance soon. the blackberries are here to stay. they are my new favorite. and this face wanted to share.

she does that in between doing this.

i sleep like a little person

remember the shorts with the back pocket? returned 'em. hated 'em. wore 'em around the house and felt like they were up my butt at all times. lovely image, no? so i broke down and bought TNF better than naked shorts....CANNOT WAIT

saturday i did get to partake in these:

mmm. my favorite
i have been researching the best marathon training program. it's really helping with the procrastinating. i think i am going to combine women's health and hal higdon. now i have to print out a calendar to fill in accordingly and make myself follow it....i suppose i could just use my work calendar. that does seem to make way more sense.

15 June 2012

ferris wheels.

i've decided that friday should be friday confessions.

todays edition will be 7 facts about me.

1. i would very much like to be a salt gypsy and live in permanent wanderlust.

the ocean makes me happy. it makes my soul smile. i tell everyone who goes to the ocean to wink at it for me. it's what i do every time i see the ocean and it helps me to stay connected. even if i don't get to do the actual winking. 

2. i really like cereal and i will only eat it with a small spoon.

this morning i made cereal, poured the milk and opened the drawer and about died when all i had was a big spoon. on a similar note, i will mix cheerios into any cereal that is running "low"

3. i hoard swimsuits

most of which don't actually match. some of them i have had since 7th grade. the more obnoxious and less matching it is, the more likely i am to wear it. 

4. i sew

i like to make things. i rarely get around to putting the pieces completely together. but i am working on getting better at that

5. i read. a lot.

i used to read a lot of WWII books. i used to hate mysteries, but have become wrapped in them. i like autobiographies. anything that has to do with surfing and the ocean i really enjoy reading. i also read about 4 books at one time. 

6. i purge my closet/house about once a month.

as i purged my closet the other day, i realized that i usually revamp it with workout gear or sundresses and shorts. exhibit a - i came home today with a pair of brooks running shorts and hind running top (athankyou marshall's), two cold weather workout tops, and a pair of seersucker shorts.  this could get tricky.

7.  i could eat fish/shrimp tacos everyday for lunch with rice and beans and be totally okay with it. or fresh tuna. mmmmmmm tuna.

when i go to the beach the only thing i order is the yellowfin tuna. sometimes i venture out and get crab claws. usually i just whine and get both. oh also with a side of calamari.

.....and 3 more for the road to even out to 10.

8. i went to an all girls high school

when i came to georgia for college and told people i went to an all girls high school they all thought it was a boarding school. i also think an all girls high school is the way to go. it makes you appreciate the academics. or at least instill the idea that you can rely on yourself and not others. unless it's math class....

9. i am overly anxious and nervous.

at all times.

10. i like to climb high and drop far.

i climbed trees/fences/cliffs growing up. jumping out of or off those things is one of my favorite things ever.

and one to grow on: swings and ferris wheels are two of my absolute favorite things. 

14 June 2012

back pockets.

i woke up at 430 this morning to go run. yep 430. oh you think it was on purpose? it most certainly was not on purpose. i had one of those panicky moments when you wake up and you for sure think it's elevenity billion hours past when you are supposed to get up and then you realize that not only have you not overslept, you are an hour (okay, okay 2 hours) early.

i managed to suffer through another hour and half of sleep. i know i know. the things i do for you people...

upon finally waking up and putting my feet on the ground to get the morning run underway, my left foot promptly went numb. like painful numb. not just the run of the mill numb. so i nixed running and did kettle bell exercises.

if there is one injury i don't mess around with, it's my feet. everything else clearly i take my chances with...knee, right foot, hamstring....okay yes i admit i did run on a bad right foot, but i learned my lesson there.

recently i have been researching running shorts. there are three pairs that i want.

 new balance
north face
i really want the north face ones. they have a back pocket and are named the better than naked shorts. i just can't justify the prices on any of them. $47 -$55 for a pair of shorts is just absurd.

so i went to tjmaxx today and found these:

these won out because of the back pocket. although the verdict is still out. disregard the clutter, i am in the middle of a closet purge. if we are keeping count we are at number i believe 7 of the year.

i am also in the middle of researching a surfing camp......

remember that fruit i talked about yesterday? dominated.

i also want to send a shout out to the best running person in the world - courtney. she sent me her marathon training things, along with enough tips and tools to ensure i don't make myself look like a total dimwit.


13 June 2012

milk was a bad choice.

you know those morning where you wake up and you are wide awake when the alarm goes off, but you still manage to get out of bed an hour later?

yea, well i did that this morning...i did go for what i told myself would be a slow and calm run because my hamstring has been tight ever since saturday's run/walkathon. well that most certainly didn't happen. i was pressed for time and my hamstring didn't hurt while i was running. i was rounding the corner towards the end of my run and my body just shut down. done running. i listen when that happens. sometimes i push through, but i wasn't feeling it this morning.

because of said tight hamstring i am currently doing this:

i promise i'm not in some sort of red light district. my phone just takes the most amazing pictures and turns yellow walls red....perhaps it's casting that flattering pink glow that everyone raves about. and yes my toes naturally curl that way when relaxed. stop judging me.

going to the grocery today i stocked up on things that are important in life...

i can guarantee that will ALL be gone by tomorrow night. but most importantly when i was looking through my fridge i noticed it's stocked like a 3 year old lives in my house, one who happens to like champagne and shitty beer, but i digress. and unless i have an invisible roommate that i don't know about, then looks like i am the three year old.

in my fridge:

-2 bottles of cheap champagne
-random assortment of aforementioned shitty beer
-apple juice
-apple sauce
-cut celery sticks

and by milk i mean:

that's 5 horizon chocolate milks, 3 silk dark chocolate almond milks, 2 silk chocolate soy milks, 2 fat free milks, and 1 trader joe's chocolate almond milk. i drink A LOT of milk. maybe the understatement of the year.

oh i also bought things for chocolate chip cookies while at the grocery store. it's all about a balanced diet. and milk and cookies are part of a balanced diet to me. and besides, i have quite a bit of milk choices. 

11 June 2012


so saturday was a very very long day for this kid.

friday i laid low and didn't leave my house after work. lame. i know.

i woke up super early saturday and ran about 4 miles. my legs were tight and i was sleepy. i'm not entirely positive how i could have been sleepy, but i was.

i then walked down to the soapbox derby at piedmont park.

i had some friends who entered a soapbox into the race and i figured even though all my other friends were lame and didn't want to go, that i would go and support them. it was SO fun. seeing all the other derby carts was insane. some of them were absolutely absurd.

the replica of my friends

i stayed out ridiculously late saturday night making new friends and hanging out with one very old friend (ahem, my BOMF partner and the girl i've known since 7th grade).

sunday was rainy. and you know what is my favorite? rainy sundays. that means pajamas all day and movie marathons.

needless to say i didn't run sunday. my calves still hurt today from all the walking around saturday. i didn't run this morning because it was raining and it is supposed to rain all week. so perhaps i'll just jump around my house some and work on some core exercises...

08 June 2012


i have a confession to make.

i started a run streak and lasted two days.

that's not really my confession. my confession is that i like ridiculously terrible songs.

the problem is that i hate running with music, but i get them stuck in my head. currently running on repeat in my head are this one....

and this one:

i am going to say that the second one isn't quite as absurd at the first one, but it is what it is.

i am currently bumbling along trying to figure out how to train for a marathon. mainly doing what i always do and that's run around until i'm tired...run a little further and then panic about a month out.

judging by the fact that i am supposed to run 26.2 miles, i don't think this plan is going to work.

i am also starting this thing where drinking is okay, but trying not to see how drunk i can get. not that i do that regularly, but i am thinking of maybe making a once in a fortnight ordeal.

we shall see how long that sticks. seeing as how i really really want a high life....

p.s. that version of call me maybe is my favorite besides the miss u.s.a. one with donald trump...

second p.s. don't judge because of the second video, i've never watched it.

06 June 2012


happy national running day.

since saturday, today is the first day that i have run.

it rained all day yesterday, and i was lazy monday and sunday.

besides i've been a bit out of sorts lately. it's a long story. but i am working on it.

i did sign up for a marathon yesterday. it's in december so i've got time to train.

i've also got a half in october that i am trying to see how fast i can finish.

so perhaps this week is the week of actual training. perhaps.

i think i have forgotten how much i just like running. i put too much pressure on the times. i just want to have fun again. so now i am training and having fun.

the race saturday renewed that for me. it was fun. yea i was hungover and i wanted to die, but it was fun. i got beat by a crap-ton in running times for my age group, but i didn't care.

i've begun to remember that i can push myself. whether it's running or life. i do have the abilities, i just have to trust in myself to get them done.

so here's to turning new leaves. and keeping them turned. and believing.

 maybe when i run i'll just make a playlist of journey - don't stop believing on repeat.

that would be torture. TORTURE.

05 June 2012

two thumbs.

who has two thumbs and is running a marathon in december?


04 June 2012


saturday morning i ran the summerfest 5k. it was perfect weather. the hangover and 2 hours of sleep i could have done without, but whatever, you win some you lose some.

BUT even with that amazing pre-race set up i had going, i managed to finish in 23:01. woop woop.

i don't think i have finished a 5k that fast ever. i don't even think i managed to run 3 miles that fast in high school.

my friend andrew was supposed to run with me, but he texted me at 7 and bailed on me. i figured he would based solely on how bad i felt that morning and he drank far more than i did.

this race wasn't chip timed, which i thought was strange because of the volume of people that ran it, so it makes the finish a bit weird. i finished at 23:01 and the girl that finished behind me put down that she finished in 23 flat. i wanted to call her out on it, but then i thought, if you have to cheat on a non-chip timed race then you probably have far bigger problems. i just thought it was really bizarre to stand at a table with 2 people that clearly finished before you and write down the wrong time. the way wrong time.

i went home and promptly took a nap. there is nothing quite like running a race and then taking a nap. heaven.

because it was saturday and saturday's should be spent by some form of water. i did this:

 then i went to the actual summerfest. for approximately 30 minutes. i don't like crowds of people. i drank one beer and walked out to a restaurant with some friends.

i proceeded to eat a grilled cheese and tater tots like a toddler. delicious. and then we went into a really crowded bar and i drank a bunch of whiskey and jager. and then yelled at a girl because she got in my face about the bar being so crowded. like i was supposed to do something about it?

i irish exited on my friends to come snuggle with praia and sleep until 11 a.m. the next day. clearly i was tired. and by 11 i mean 930, but i certainly didn't move until 11.

praia and i had a sunday adventure.

now i am taking a late lunch. eating cheese and crackers and drinking a fuze that i got for free. this one to be exact:

i am not sold on it. first off it's strawberry guava and neither are in the ingredients. there are however a lot of words i cannot pronounce...and stop judging me for eating cheese and crackers for meals. i spend all my money on races and shoes.

speaking of races....

i signed up for this one:

5k in macon in july.

and am toying signing up of a full marathon...eek. this one to be exact:

mainly because it's in my hometown and i know my parents will be there and i can bail at the halfway point if i want and because i am a weenie and want someone there when i finish and have a meltdown...just like all my 1/2 marathons...