06 June 2012


happy national running day.

since saturday, today is the first day that i have run.

it rained all day yesterday, and i was lazy monday and sunday.

besides i've been a bit out of sorts lately. it's a long story. but i am working on it.

i did sign up for a marathon yesterday. it's in december so i've got time to train.

i've also got a half in october that i am trying to see how fast i can finish.

so perhaps this week is the week of actual training. perhaps.

i think i have forgotten how much i just like running. i put too much pressure on the times. i just want to have fun again. so now i am training and having fun.

the race saturday renewed that for me. it was fun. yea i was hungover and i wanted to die, but it was fun. i got beat by a crap-ton in running times for my age group, but i didn't care.

i've begun to remember that i can push myself. whether it's running or life. i do have the abilities, i just have to trust in myself to get them done.

so here's to turning new leaves. and keeping them turned. and believing.

 maybe when i run i'll just make a playlist of journey - don't stop believing on repeat.

that would be torture. TORTURE.

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