08 June 2012


i have a confession to make.

i started a run streak and lasted two days.

that's not really my confession. my confession is that i like ridiculously terrible songs.

the problem is that i hate running with music, but i get them stuck in my head. currently running on repeat in my head are this one....

and this one:

i am going to say that the second one isn't quite as absurd at the first one, but it is what it is.

i am currently bumbling along trying to figure out how to train for a marathon. mainly doing what i always do and that's run around until i'm tired...run a little further and then panic about a month out.

judging by the fact that i am supposed to run 26.2 miles, i don't think this plan is going to work.

i am also starting this thing where drinking is okay, but trying not to see how drunk i can get. not that i do that regularly, but i am thinking of maybe making a once in a fortnight ordeal.

we shall see how long that sticks. seeing as how i really really want a high life....

p.s. that version of call me maybe is my favorite besides the miss u.s.a. one with donald trump...

second p.s. don't judge because of the second video, i've never watched it.

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