15 June 2012

ferris wheels.

i've decided that friday should be friday confessions.

todays edition will be 7 facts about me.

1. i would very much like to be a salt gypsy and live in permanent wanderlust.

the ocean makes me happy. it makes my soul smile. i tell everyone who goes to the ocean to wink at it for me. it's what i do every time i see the ocean and it helps me to stay connected. even if i don't get to do the actual winking. 

2. i really like cereal and i will only eat it with a small spoon.

this morning i made cereal, poured the milk and opened the drawer and about died when all i had was a big spoon. on a similar note, i will mix cheerios into any cereal that is running "low"

3. i hoard swimsuits

most of which don't actually match. some of them i have had since 7th grade. the more obnoxious and less matching it is, the more likely i am to wear it. 

4. i sew

i like to make things. i rarely get around to putting the pieces completely together. but i am working on getting better at that

5. i read. a lot.

i used to read a lot of WWII books. i used to hate mysteries, but have become wrapped in them. i like autobiographies. anything that has to do with surfing and the ocean i really enjoy reading. i also read about 4 books at one time. 

6. i purge my closet/house about once a month.

as i purged my closet the other day, i realized that i usually revamp it with workout gear or sundresses and shorts. exhibit a - i came home today with a pair of brooks running shorts and hind running top (athankyou marshall's), two cold weather workout tops, and a pair of seersucker shorts.  this could get tricky.

7.  i could eat fish/shrimp tacos everyday for lunch with rice and beans and be totally okay with it. or fresh tuna. mmmmmmm tuna.

when i go to the beach the only thing i order is the yellowfin tuna. sometimes i venture out and get crab claws. usually i just whine and get both. oh also with a side of calamari.

.....and 3 more for the road to even out to 10.

8. i went to an all girls high school

when i came to georgia for college and told people i went to an all girls high school they all thought it was a boarding school. i also think an all girls high school is the way to go. it makes you appreciate the academics. or at least instill the idea that you can rely on yourself and not others. unless it's math class....

9. i am overly anxious and nervous.

at all times.

10. i like to climb high and drop far.

i climbed trees/fences/cliffs growing up. jumping out of or off those things is one of my favorite things ever.

and one to grow on: swings and ferris wheels are two of my absolute favorite things. 

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