13 June 2012

milk was a bad choice.

you know those morning where you wake up and you are wide awake when the alarm goes off, but you still manage to get out of bed an hour later?

yea, well i did that this morning...i did go for what i told myself would be a slow and calm run because my hamstring has been tight ever since saturday's run/walkathon. well that most certainly didn't happen. i was pressed for time and my hamstring didn't hurt while i was running. i was rounding the corner towards the end of my run and my body just shut down. done running. i listen when that happens. sometimes i push through, but i wasn't feeling it this morning.

because of said tight hamstring i am currently doing this:

i promise i'm not in some sort of red light district. my phone just takes the most amazing pictures and turns yellow walls red....perhaps it's casting that flattering pink glow that everyone raves about. and yes my toes naturally curl that way when relaxed. stop judging me.

going to the grocery today i stocked up on things that are important in life...

i can guarantee that will ALL be gone by tomorrow night. but most importantly when i was looking through my fridge i noticed it's stocked like a 3 year old lives in my house, one who happens to like champagne and shitty beer, but i digress. and unless i have an invisible roommate that i don't know about, then looks like i am the three year old.

in my fridge:

-2 bottles of cheap champagne
-random assortment of aforementioned shitty beer
-apple juice
-apple sauce
-cut celery sticks

and by milk i mean:

that's 5 horizon chocolate milks, 3 silk dark chocolate almond milks, 2 silk chocolate soy milks, 2 fat free milks, and 1 trader joe's chocolate almond milk. i drink A LOT of milk. maybe the understatement of the year.

oh i also bought things for chocolate chip cookies while at the grocery store. it's all about a balanced diet. and milk and cookies are part of a balanced diet to me. and besides, i have quite a bit of milk choices.