14 June 2012

back pockets.

i woke up at 430 this morning to go run. yep 430. oh you think it was on purpose? it most certainly was not on purpose. i had one of those panicky moments when you wake up and you for sure think it's elevenity billion hours past when you are supposed to get up and then you realize that not only have you not overslept, you are an hour (okay, okay 2 hours) early.

i managed to suffer through another hour and half of sleep. i know i know. the things i do for you people...

upon finally waking up and putting my feet on the ground to get the morning run underway, my left foot promptly went numb. like painful numb. not just the run of the mill numb. so i nixed running and did kettle bell exercises.

if there is one injury i don't mess around with, it's my feet. everything else clearly i take my chances with...knee, right foot, hamstring....okay yes i admit i did run on a bad right foot, but i learned my lesson there.

recently i have been researching running shorts. there are three pairs that i want.

 new balance
north face
i really want the north face ones. they have a back pocket and are named the better than naked shorts. i just can't justify the prices on any of them. $47 -$55 for a pair of shorts is just absurd.

so i went to tjmaxx today and found these:

these won out because of the back pocket. although the verdict is still out. disregard the clutter, i am in the middle of a closet purge. if we are keeping count we are at number i believe 7 of the year.

i am also in the middle of researching a surfing camp......

remember that fruit i talked about yesterday? dominated.

i also want to send a shout out to the best running person in the world - courtney. she sent me her marathon training things, along with enough tips and tools to ensure i don't make myself look like a total dimwit.