11 June 2012


so saturday was a very very long day for this kid.

friday i laid low and didn't leave my house after work. lame. i know.

i woke up super early saturday and ran about 4 miles. my legs were tight and i was sleepy. i'm not entirely positive how i could have been sleepy, but i was.

i then walked down to the soapbox derby at piedmont park.

i had some friends who entered a soapbox into the race and i figured even though all my other friends were lame and didn't want to go, that i would go and support them. it was SO fun. seeing all the other derby carts was insane. some of them were absolutely absurd.

the replica of my friends

i stayed out ridiculously late saturday night making new friends and hanging out with one very old friend (ahem, my BOMF partner and the girl i've known since 7th grade).

sunday was rainy. and you know what is my favorite? rainy sundays. that means pajamas all day and movie marathons.

needless to say i didn't run sunday. my calves still hurt today from all the walking around saturday. i didn't run this morning because it was raining and it is supposed to rain all week. so perhaps i'll just jump around my house some and work on some core exercises...