25 June 2012


today is the monday of all mondays.

mom came in town this weekend. with the conemonster. i also had praia. it was quite the full house.

a lot of carbs were consumed this weekend. pizza, pasta, and beer. fantastic in my book.

i didn't run friday or saturday. sunday i ran late with praia and i think we both lost 8lbs because we were sweating like a hooker in church...is that rude to say? #sorryimnotsorry

on a sad note, i am headed home wednesday. i know, i know you may think i just can't handle being away from my family, but in truth my coach that i spoke about here, has passed away.

i have certainly had better mondays.

i am currently making my running schedule. it seemed fitting.

nothing like combing running training plans and making them your own. it's more fun that way....

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