04 June 2012


saturday morning i ran the summerfest 5k. it was perfect weather. the hangover and 2 hours of sleep i could have done without, but whatever, you win some you lose some.

BUT even with that amazing pre-race set up i had going, i managed to finish in 23:01. woop woop.

i don't think i have finished a 5k that fast ever. i don't even think i managed to run 3 miles that fast in high school.

my friend andrew was supposed to run with me, but he texted me at 7 and bailed on me. i figured he would based solely on how bad i felt that morning and he drank far more than i did.

this race wasn't chip timed, which i thought was strange because of the volume of people that ran it, so it makes the finish a bit weird. i finished at 23:01 and the girl that finished behind me put down that she finished in 23 flat. i wanted to call her out on it, but then i thought, if you have to cheat on a non-chip timed race then you probably have far bigger problems. i just thought it was really bizarre to stand at a table with 2 people that clearly finished before you and write down the wrong time. the way wrong time.

i went home and promptly took a nap. there is nothing quite like running a race and then taking a nap. heaven.

because it was saturday and saturday's should be spent by some form of water. i did this:

 then i went to the actual summerfest. for approximately 30 minutes. i don't like crowds of people. i drank one beer and walked out to a restaurant with some friends.

i proceeded to eat a grilled cheese and tater tots like a toddler. delicious. and then we went into a really crowded bar and i drank a bunch of whiskey and jager. and then yelled at a girl because she got in my face about the bar being so crowded. like i was supposed to do something about it?

i irish exited on my friends to come snuggle with praia and sleep until 11 a.m. the next day. clearly i was tired. and by 11 i mean 930, but i certainly didn't move until 11.

praia and i had a sunday adventure.

now i am taking a late lunch. eating cheese and crackers and drinking a fuze that i got for free. this one to be exact:

i am not sold on it. first off it's strawberry guava and neither are in the ingredients. there are however a lot of words i cannot pronounce...and stop judging me for eating cheese and crackers for meals. i spend all my money on races and shoes.

speaking of races....

i signed up for this one:

5k in macon in july.

and am toying signing up of a full marathon...eek. this one to be exact:

mainly because it's in my hometown and i know my parents will be there and i can bail at the halfway point if i want and because i am a weenie and want someone there when i finish and have a meltdown...just like all my 1/2 marathons...

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