08 October 2014

starting over.

last night marked the beginning of the arduous process of getting back in running shape.

atlanta you are a cruel, cruel city to start back running in.

if there is one hill there are a hundred and i am fairly positive they are all straight up. with zero downhills.

but i'm not here to complain because i accomplished 4 miles. it wasn't pretty and i had to walk, but i did it and i am proud of myself for that.

while i was busy trying not to die, atlanta did offer a pretty kick ass sunset that i don't have a picture of because i fail at blogging. but how about this pretty sunset.

destin you always win. i miss the saltwater.

anyways. back to this whole starting over game. it's a recurring theme in my life for the past six months or so and i am ready to stop starting over and begin the process of just building upon what i've already got. starting over is really hard and arduous, so why not keep forward progress building.

i say all of these things right before i am going to Guatemala for a month where running will most likely be on the back burner. but that is okay.

i want to start living my life by building upon my experiences and not crumbling at the first sign of defeat or failure. if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger. and at the very least you learned something that will be profoundly useful.

and you can't fail if you don't try. and who knows it may work.

so here's to new beginnings part 90 million it seems.

06 October 2014

growing up.

you know what is tough?

packing up the last ten years of your life.

for the last ten years of my life i have lived in the state of georgia.

in that amount of time one can accumulate a lot of things, people, memories, and attachments.

it's strange to wrap my head around the idea of packing up my life and moving it to a new place.

a new place that isn't new at all. moving home isn't exactly a new place, but i haven't lived at home since i was 17. i guess it technically is a new place.

home and i have changed a lot in ten years. and i am hoping this is a good chance to start over.

starting over isn't easy, but sometimes it's necessary.