16 December 2012


this weekend was a weekend of firsts.

first off i want to say that i am deeply saddened by the tragedies in both newtown, connecticut and memphis, tennessee. these are cards that no family deserves to be dealt. they are definitely in my thoughts during this sure to be tough christmas season. 

rest of the firsts:

1. i ate this awesome new to me luna bar. delicious.

2. i got a mini massage friday. i went to get my haircut and for the second time they have forgotten my appointment. they gave me a mini massage in return for my willingness to wait around and be called the wrong name multiple times. sometimes i am at a loss as to why i keep going back. the massage was okay. not really my thing truthfully. i am not particularly comfortable with being touched by people i don't know.

3. saturday was my first run post marathon. two weeks off and going completely stir crazy, i finally got to lace up my shoes and go for a run. i did about 3-3.5 miles with the sweet princess. she is an amazing running partner, not so much in the stretching department.

yes, yes that is the perfect place for you to be. 

not amused by me. 
the run felt good. my hips hurt, but i am assuming that is from the fact that i haven't been able to be very mobile for two weeks. there is only so much yoga one can do....

4. saturday night i went to a 20s themed party. this is the second time in one week that adult me and high school me collided.

tuesday i went and saw the lumineers (adult me = pumped) and dave matthews (high school me = pumped.)

 saturday i wore a dress from freshman year... in high school. eep. super fun party celebrating with old (high school) and new friends. well, i suppose that makes 3 times in one week my egos have collided. woah.

my high school friends and i pretending to be adults. 

*side note: my bedroom isn't actually that messy or disaster strewn. it is the result of having no closet. mom and dad can attest to the fact that i am ocd about my closet. that bedroom gives me nightmares. and not just because of the mess*

12 December 2012


within 10 minutes i have managed to cheer up my groucho marx self with this...

and because i decided to get my butt of the couch and have praiapants watch me do yoga.


week and half with no running.

i have officially lost my mind.

i've been doing yoga at night, but a yogi, i am not.

i'm trying to stay positive about taking time out to heal properly, but woah.

running helps me stay calm. i think about the issues at hand. it make me happy. there are endless reasons, but the big one is that it helps me sleep. and sleeping i have not been doing.

so saturday morning. i am running. that will be the two week mark. i have too, i can't not run anymore.


and then this happened.

05 December 2012

wednesday is totally tuesday

and i lied...

honestly how surprised were we all by this? not very. that's what i figured.

so this whole lay low and heal thing is for the birds. i am bored out of my skull. i am going to do some yoga later and probably look a lot like this...

said no one ever...can people really do this? i mean in all seriousness.

i can barely touch my toes, that maneuver would require dismembering my person and i just cleaned my house.

PERFECT segue.

i have scrubbed my entire apartment. literally.

plumbers came yesterday and replaced all the pipes. and plumbers are filthy.

i threw away the rug in my bathroom and will need to wash my shower curtain. i vacuumed my entire house at approximately 8 this morning.

then i proceeded to come home and scrub the tub, floor, sink and KITCHEN.

i may die from fumes. and i felt a little like this.

and by a little i mean A LOT.

moving onward.

marathon photos. so here we go.

vaguely hungover plane ride to memphis. i like these and the fact that they expire on my birthday. i did not however like the fact that the lady next to me would not SHUTUP. she was perfectly lovely, but i was hungover and sleepy.

procompression socks and ugg boots. totally the new fashion these days.

 hello sweet old man.

alarm number 1.

 alarm number 2.


mile 13 or so. it was so effing hot.

i am down there somewhere.

i think dad was drunk off all the free chocolate milk they supplied him with.

i'm finished grimace. awesome.

mmm. beer.

03 December 2012

what i want for christmas.

TWO posts in one day. holy smokes. and tomorrow my lovelies, if you are lucky, i will post more pictures from my marathon weekend. fingers and toes crossed.

so if i had a million dollars and santa loved me more than he should these are the things i would get for christmas...feel free to purchase for me or any runners (workout aficionados.) you may like in your life.

first up shoes. mizuno has a new shoe out. and i am in love with them. just look at them. they are lighter, brighter and all around more awesome.

these tights.  i like to run in the morning and it is sure dark out there. these are reflective. and i like them. it's christmas, not everything has to be practical. oh and butt pockets. we all know how i like that.

or these tights. for those absurdly cold morning/nights. and side leg pocket i am intrigued by.

this. it's name is rundelicious. why wouldn't i want it. i mean why wouldn't anyone want it.

this. the birds. the birds. i want it. I REALLY WANT IT.

adorable scarves are awesome. and this one is no exception.

basically just send me (read: anyone) anything from oiselle and you can't go wrong. 

one of these bad boys. added bonus you can sing the "give a, give a garmin" and have that jingle stuck in your head for the next million years.


 finally these. because they are an awesome small company and i make it a point to support small companies because i work for one. AND they always have great deals.


that's it for now. well i lied already. these too. small company and they stay put. i have the skinny one that looks just like this and i love it. mmm gunmetal.

bic bands.

marathon 1 is in the books.

it's with hung head and heavy heart that i say this race was miserable.

i wanted it to be good.

and with that i will explain.

1. the course was great, but the weather was ridiculously hot

2. broken knee.

the first half (literally) was not bad. i was slower than my half marathon pace and i knew that was good. i felt strong and ready.

then mile 14 hit. and whamo. knee pain. SON OF BITCH. yes those words happened. BUT no sobbing this time...

i clearly thought about sobbing

but i knew i had to finish. i made a friend and we ran (mostly walked) the rest of it.

i think the st. jude race has it out for me. this was where i ran my first 1/2 marathon and i hit the wall hard at mile 11 then and walked. this race is the throwaway race for me in my book.

so i am taking a week or so off and starting slow. i have a marathon in march and i want to be healthy.

so here's to stretching, yoga (i bought classes...go me), strengthening and the all important having fun.

here is picture from mile 3 where i am having fun...

i actually had a lot of fun this race. it's amazing how nice people are. i am eternally grateful to my support system and all the people that came out to this race.

i promised myself i would finish running.
and then the all important medal finisher picture.

and the most important picture of all...

TWO free beers.
 those beers were followed by many MANY others.

here's to getting the first out of the way and onto running more.

pictures except the last one because that one is mine...

28 November 2012


i am sitting on the floor of my den pondering (mainly stretching) why on earth i signed up for a marathon.

not only that, i've already signed up for another.

there must be something off in my brain.

you know what else is off? my internal clock. it doesn't know what day it is, time it is, when it is appropriate to eat food. nothing.

i think one of the main reasons i signed up to do a marathon was to prove to myself that i could. i run for me. no one else. sure i like when people support me in my running goals, but i don't run to show other people that i a can. i run because i know i can and i like to push. (hence why i finished a 1/2 with a bum knee...)

so now is time to prove to myself that i can do it.

and maybe wrangle a new pair of shoes before, because i still haven't done that yet.... ::head hung::

race results:

yes you are reading that correctly (with a magnifying glass and bifocals of course) that i ran under 8 minute miles. boom.

fine, barely under 8 minute miles. but whatever i lost to a 14 year old (clearly we were in competition...) cousin of one of my friends by 40 seconds. i take it as a win in my book. 

i am also not ashamed to say that i ate my weight in oreos and animal crackers at the end. and didn't drink enough champagne to make france blush. okay, okay you caught me, i did indeed drink enough champagne to make france blush. followed by some good old american (not owned by americans, but still american) coors light.

and if someone wants to buy me this for christmas i will love you forever and we can be best friends. i have only been lusting after it since june...

27 November 2012

post thanksgiving, pre marathon.

marathon is in 5 days. AHHHHHHHHHH

i'm not ready. even slighty.

so i'll avoid it for now and post all of these pictures from my awesome week at home.

i did run while at home. and ran a race. boom.

leaving on a jet plane.

my tree with a hamster buried under it. true story.

face time with the old man

watching the sunrise on race day.

free mini cliff bars. best. idea. ever.

a little italian mimosas on thanksgiving.

thanks tasha.

snuggle buddies.

yep. that's mom.

looking pretty with the sil.

totally innocent.

power hour tradition at NMAS

belle sleeps rather bizarrely

puppy sock. leggins as pants. football. mmm saturdays at home

dropping bombs on mom in yahtzee.

sweet old man.

converted mom to ProCompression socks.

memphis is dark at 6am.

up in the clouds.

sunrise on an airplane.

i am taking this week (3 days before i get on a plane to go home again) to think of race strategies.

the winning contender so far: don't die.

solid advice.