16 December 2012


this weekend was a weekend of firsts.

first off i want to say that i am deeply saddened by the tragedies in both newtown, connecticut and memphis, tennessee. these are cards that no family deserves to be dealt. they are definitely in my thoughts during this sure to be tough christmas season. 

rest of the firsts:

1. i ate this awesome new to me luna bar. delicious.

2. i got a mini massage friday. i went to get my haircut and for the second time they have forgotten my appointment. they gave me a mini massage in return for my willingness to wait around and be called the wrong name multiple times. sometimes i am at a loss as to why i keep going back. the massage was okay. not really my thing truthfully. i am not particularly comfortable with being touched by people i don't know.

3. saturday was my first run post marathon. two weeks off and going completely stir crazy, i finally got to lace up my shoes and go for a run. i did about 3-3.5 miles with the sweet princess. she is an amazing running partner, not so much in the stretching department.

yes, yes that is the perfect place for you to be. 

not amused by me. 
the run felt good. my hips hurt, but i am assuming that is from the fact that i haven't been able to be very mobile for two weeks. there is only so much yoga one can do....

4. saturday night i went to a 20s themed party. this is the second time in one week that adult me and high school me collided.

tuesday i went and saw the lumineers (adult me = pumped) and dave matthews (high school me = pumped.)

 saturday i wore a dress from freshman year... in high school. eep. super fun party celebrating with old (high school) and new friends. well, i suppose that makes 3 times in one week my egos have collided. woah.

my high school friends and i pretending to be adults. 

*side note: my bedroom isn't actually that messy or disaster strewn. it is the result of having no closet. mom and dad can attest to the fact that i am ocd about my closet. that bedroom gives me nightmares. and not just because of the mess*

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