05 December 2012

wednesday is totally tuesday

and i lied...

honestly how surprised were we all by this? not very. that's what i figured.

so this whole lay low and heal thing is for the birds. i am bored out of my skull. i am going to do some yoga later and probably look a lot like this...

said no one ever...can people really do this? i mean in all seriousness.

i can barely touch my toes, that maneuver would require dismembering my person and i just cleaned my house.

PERFECT segue.

i have scrubbed my entire apartment. literally.

plumbers came yesterday and replaced all the pipes. and plumbers are filthy.

i threw away the rug in my bathroom and will need to wash my shower curtain. i vacuumed my entire house at approximately 8 this morning.

then i proceeded to come home and scrub the tub, floor, sink and KITCHEN.

i may die from fumes. and i felt a little like this.

and by a little i mean A LOT.

moving onward.

marathon photos. so here we go.

vaguely hungover plane ride to memphis. i like these and the fact that they expire on my birthday. i did not however like the fact that the lady next to me would not SHUTUP. she was perfectly lovely, but i was hungover and sleepy.

procompression socks and ugg boots. totally the new fashion these days.

 hello sweet old man.

alarm number 1.

 alarm number 2.


mile 13 or so. it was so effing hot.

i am down there somewhere.

i think dad was drunk off all the free chocolate milk they supplied him with.

i'm finished grimace. awesome.

mmm. beer.

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