03 December 2012

what i want for christmas.

TWO posts in one day. holy smokes. and tomorrow my lovelies, if you are lucky, i will post more pictures from my marathon weekend. fingers and toes crossed.

so if i had a million dollars and santa loved me more than he should these are the things i would get for christmas...feel free to purchase for me or any runners (workout aficionados.) you may like in your life.

first up shoes. mizuno has a new shoe out. and i am in love with them. just look at them. they are lighter, brighter and all around more awesome.

these tights.  i like to run in the morning and it is sure dark out there. these are reflective. and i like them. it's christmas, not everything has to be practical. oh and butt pockets. we all know how i like that.

or these tights. for those absurdly cold morning/nights. and side leg pocket i am intrigued by.

this. it's name is rundelicious. why wouldn't i want it. i mean why wouldn't anyone want it.

this. the birds. the birds. i want it. I REALLY WANT IT.

adorable scarves are awesome. and this one is no exception.

basically just send me (read: anyone) anything from oiselle and you can't go wrong. 

one of these bad boys. added bonus you can sing the "give a, give a garmin" and have that jingle stuck in your head for the next million years.


 finally these. because they are an awesome small company and i make it a point to support small companies because i work for one. AND they always have great deals.


that's it for now. well i lied already. these too. small company and they stay put. i have the skinny one that looks just like this and i love it. mmm gunmetal.

bic bands.

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