27 November 2012

post thanksgiving, pre marathon.

marathon is in 5 days. AHHHHHHHHHH

i'm not ready. even slighty.

so i'll avoid it for now and post all of these pictures from my awesome week at home.

i did run while at home. and ran a race. boom.

leaving on a jet plane.

my tree with a hamster buried under it. true story.

face time with the old man

watching the sunrise on race day.

free mini cliff bars. best. idea. ever.

a little italian mimosas on thanksgiving.

thanks tasha.

snuggle buddies.

yep. that's mom.

looking pretty with the sil.

totally innocent.

power hour tradition at NMAS

belle sleeps rather bizarrely

puppy sock. leggins as pants. football. mmm saturdays at home

dropping bombs on mom in yahtzee.

sweet old man.

converted mom to ProCompression socks.

memphis is dark at 6am.

up in the clouds.

sunrise on an airplane.

i am taking this week (3 days before i get on a plane to go home again) to think of race strategies.

the winning contender so far: don't die.

solid advice.