19 June 2012

mea culpa.

mea culpa, mea culpa. many many mea culpas.

i've been a bad blogger. mainly because i haven't done anything.

i ran saturday to the farmer's market. about 1.5 miles. wooooo. big numbers there. i bought some carrots and the craziest looking zucchini, squash combo. i just made some of the squacchini (yes, believe that happened) for dinner. delicious.

i have no pictures of it, because i inhaled it. i didn't eat dinner last night. i have however eaten an enormous amount of fruit. literally and literally. amounts and sizes. check out this blueberry...

it's the size of the blackberry. the strawberry is monstrous as well.  i am missing the watermelon and cantaloup combo. so it will make a reappearance soon. the blackberries are here to stay. they are my new favorite. and this face wanted to share.

she does that in between doing this.

i sleep like a little person

remember the shorts with the back pocket? returned 'em. hated 'em. wore 'em around the house and felt like they were up my butt at all times. lovely image, no? so i broke down and bought TNF better than naked shorts....CANNOT WAIT

saturday i did get to partake in these:

mmm. my favorite
i have been researching the best marathon training program. it's really helping with the procrastinating. i think i am going to combine women's health and hal higdon. now i have to print out a calendar to fill in accordingly and make myself follow it....i suppose i could just use my work calendar. that does seem to make way more sense.

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