31 May 2012

more better

yesterday after running a two a day before 8 am, i decided to not run this morning.

actually i was sleepy. i went to bed about 4 hours after my allotted bed time, but i like the above excuse better.

i did take a mid day nap yesterday with sweet praia girl.

this is one of my absolute favorite things in the world

i then went to a braves game for a surprise birthday:

we won!

then i went to a bar that we vow to never go in again but manage to always break that promise. it was my friend gouda's birthday and you can't really tell the birthday boy no. especially when he is named after cheese (he's not really...i swear). well we go to this bar and there are more people than i have seen in my entire life at this bar. there was a cover band that if you saw this picture, what would you think the genre would be?

bret michaels look alike

 for the record, those are acid wash leopard (i think) jeans, converse, a monster energy cutoff shirt and a neon green bandana. if you guessed some sort of scissor sisters/hair band you wouldn't be entirely wrong, but they were a rock cover band. the lead singer was a girl. they were from birmingham and i swear to you she said "more better" in a sentence, out loud. OUT LOUD. awesome.

guess what though. i only have a beer and half the whole night. yep. accomplishments right there folks. accomplishments.

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