12 May 2012

trail running.

this morning i did a rainy saturday trail run.

probably my favorite combo of things. it wasn't torrential downpour, but a light rain. and trail running is by far my favorite type of running.

when i started running in high school it was a combo of small trail running, fields, and parks. none of this sidewalk, please don't get hit by a car running. it always nice to get back to trail running. it's challenging in its own right, but that's what makes it fun. you don't notice how tired you are because you are focused on watching where your feet are landing and what that trail is turning into in front of you.

it requires a completely different form of focus.

i ran at sweetwater creek. it is beautiful, but i hate to say it, the trails aren't marked very well. part of it you are swimming along and doing great, then all of a sudden you question where you are and realize you haven't seen any colored markers in a while. so you hope for the best and that what you are on is actually a trail. it's a bit hard to get lost because all you have to do is turn around, but sometimes it's a bit nerve racking.

normally i go with praia so it's not as scary, but today i went by myself and would just turn around when i wasn't sure. normally i just press on, but the trails were slick and i didn't want to get stuck out there.

but here were some things i saw. (pictures from sweetwater creek website).

mill ruins
i'm hoping to get out there more and really figure out the trails. in the mean time i am trying to find trails closer to my house. sweetwater creek is a bit of a hike....

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