20 May 2012

the bolt.

yesterday morning my friend andrew and i ran the brookhaven bolt 5k.

my legs are super sore this morning. which is either from the run, new shoes or the late night dance party that occurred last night...

it's probably a sweet combo of both.

a guy standing behind me at the start was describing the course to me. tough first mile. downhill second mile and cruiser third mile. lies. ALL LIES.

if you understand these, more power to you.
that picture probably helps no one, but it made me feel like a real running blog to include it. if i were to describe that course in two words i would say, all hills. yep all hills. that course was BRUTAL.

i did however PR. and got 13th in my age group and 138th overall. the age group block was 20-29 which is a bit bizarre to me, but whatever. top 15. i'll take it.

i don't quite understand the point of chip timing if you go by gun time for race results. because clearly dude who placed at 140 was faster than me....

can we take note of the girl that placed 15th and what her name is....

i wore a pair of my new shoes. i probably shouldn't have, but whatever i was really excited about getting them and wanted to test them out.

oh hey shiny new running shoes

i love them. i haven't had a chance to test out the other pair yet. we will make that a tomorrow morning activity. this morning was not all sunshine in roses for this kid.

too many whiskeys. too many.