09 May 2012


ever have one of those days where you think i'll just eat cheese and crackers with an apple for dinner? maybe with a side of peanut m&m's for dessert? no? just me? cool, because that is most certainly not what i had for dinner. okay you caught me, it's exactly what i had.

and you know what? it was delicious.

things i also did while eating "dinner," ordered two new pairs of shoes to try out....

these: mizuno wave rider 15

and these: mizuno wave elixir 6

i know the wave riders are the newest model (as i also own them in that atrocious pink limited edition color), but the elixirs i have no idea about. i could probably look and then be informed, but whatever. i think the first pair i had were the 5s so there is a good chance these aren't the most recent pair in the history of elixirs.

so in 3-5 business days, these puppies will be all mine. woop. woop.

i should probably find something more suitable for dinner, but i've been up since approximately 4:30 and will probably fall asleep in the next 30 minutes....


  1. I have the elixirs in this color, it's one edition old. But the new one is butt ugly. Elixir is mold stability and less
    "cushion" rider is neutral and a bit more cushion. Mizinos in general are hard tho so cushion is subjective. Personally, love elixirs, hate riders. Everybody's different tho :) I ditched the ugly new elixirs for the ronin bc the new elixir was too wide. Riders are more narrow.
    ... Bet you wish I didn't read your blog ;)

    1. haha!

      i love that you read it!

      i think you might be the only person who does!

      love it!

      you should start one too! or you can guest post about how to be an "adult" and spend all your money on entries....