01 May 2012


this morning was one of those runs where you feel like your legs are stuck in cement and you are running through molasses.

i felt that way the whole time until i looked down and noticed that i was on point to finish my 5k route in about 22 minutes. huh. no shit.

that last mile was brutal. BRUTAL. i wanted to throw up, quit, lay down, throw up while laying down after i quit. you know the usual.

tomorrow i am going to have to do a super early morning run as i have to leave for work at 7. running in the dark. i'll take it.

i would also like to point out that this morning when i started running it was 68 outside. it was 630. how is that even possible? everything i had on when i got home was soaking wet. EVERYTHING. best shower ever.

i will say, i don't have an ice maker and i never really have a need for ice, but this morning i would have killed for a glass of cold water. learned my lesson and made a water bottle that i put in my refrigerator. this was also one of those mornings when you finish running and you can't cool back down.

i now know what praia feels like when it's super hot outside.

i love the south, but man some days. it feels like you can't get up early enough to beat the heat. and you sure as hell aren't going to be able to out wait it in the afternoon.

if you haven't noticed i am a grumpy runner when it is hot. i usually get over it about june, so we've got about a month to tough it out.

until june... here's to a lot of complaining. 

oh. remember how yesterday i said that i signed up for two 5ks.

this one may 19th:

and this one june 2nd:

well i also bought some compression socks...these ones:

and signed up for the nature box:

big day for my bank account....

i'll keep you posted about the socks and the box. the socks i have in black and love them. the box...well we shall see.

here's to purchasing things when you are stressed out...weeeeeeeee

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