30 April 2012


what do normal people do when they are stressed out?

because i most certainly just signed up for two 5ks. i mean what the hell?

maybe i will actually make it to these races. that would be good.

because so far this year, i have bailed on two races because of injuries. i suppose that it is smart of me to not run when injured. but man....i hate not being able to run.

yet most mornings getting up to run is like asking me to get shot. i just don't want to do it.

i am trying really hard to get motivated in the morning because it is absurdly hot in the afternoons, and because i know that my day will go much better if i just get up and exercise. it always makes me feel better, but for some reason i can't manage to do it....


so what do i do, i sign up for two 5ks and tell myself that i will train for them.

who wants to get up in the mornings and keep me accountable to running?

anyone? anyone? all by myself? yep, that's what i figured.

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