25 April 2012

back on my feet.

today one of my very best friends catherine (since 7th grade as a matter of fact) and i went running. prolific statement i know...

she told me about this program: back on my feet atlanta. i was of course intrigued. it involved being up ridiculously early and running. where could we go wrong here?

so we did just that. i picked her up at 515 sharp and we headed out into the great unknown of downtown atlanta.

it's a great organization and i highly recommend joining if there is one in your city. yes it's early, but it is really fun.

as the director told us, "if you don't love it, i will eat my shoe." as much as i would love to see someone eat  a shoe, i have to agree with her. i love it and it was very eye opening.

give them a looksee and see what all they do.

today was also the first day i have run since the beach. BOMF is probably the best motivation out there to get my ass out of bed and get moving.

3 miles. it felt so good. i forgot how much i like getting up in the morning and getting out there and pounding some pavement. the city is still sleeping, it's peaceful, and if you're lucky (or fast enough) you can beat the sunrise.

the only problems i have discovered with this is: voraciously hungry at about 910 and sleepy at about 815.

not the worst problems to have. i need to learn about eating throughout the day...who am i kidding i already DO that, i just need to quantify and healthify (should totally be a word) my intake.

if you are wondering, no i have not bought new running shoes. i am hoping a little mizuno fairy just sends me some. in the mean time i am diligently watching sales...glamorous.