04 April 2012

just keep running.

i read a lot of running blogs.

make that an inordinate amount of them.

i blog about work, so i decided why not blog about my life outside of work. which you guessed it revolves heavily around running, eating, and drinking good beer (with a side of really shitty beer and the occasional whiskey).

i've run 4 half marathons to date and countless 5k's. i ran in high school and sporadically (very) throughout college.

i went through a tough breakup 2 years ago and reignited the running fire.

i started training for my first half on my 24 birthday. literally that day. 3 months later, almost to the date i ran my first half marathon.

St. Jude Half Marathon in Memphis on December 4, 2010.

i finished, and wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. so i did a garbled combo of both the moment i saw my dad. i then proceeded to pound any food i saw, and chug the grossest (best) beer i have ever had in my entire life.

nothing is quite as gratifying as that beer when you finish running. sometimes it might be the only thing that pushes me through the end. that and knowing the faster i finish, the faster i can drink more beer and take the world's most deserving nap...

second half was the Publix Half Marathon in Atlanta on March 20, 2011. PR'd.
third half was the inaugural Rock N' Roll Half Marathon in Savannah on November 5, 2011. PR'd.
fourth half was the Publix Half Marathon in Atlanta on March 18,  2012. PR'd.

i'll tell you more about those later.

right now i am signed up for some 5k's (again later), and a half on october 7.

my goal for right now is to remain injury free and see how fast i can get by october.

this it to keep me accountable and to tell my stories.

i'm working on cleansing my diet (aside from the chocolate chips i just inhaled), but i refuse to cut out beer. many other people follow my rule of thumb. drink beer and have fun.

here's to training, eating, and drinking beer.

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