17 April 2012


3.77 miles. 30 minutes.

if you could call this a long run, then it was a long run. a pretty pathetic attempt at a long run, but i'll take it.

getting back into the running groove has been fun. i've been trying to push my times and my pace to see how fast i can get by october 7, but it may not be my best approach. whatever, i'm taking what i can get.

i leave tomorrow for candice's bachelorette party. i know i will run while i am there, but i cannot imagine they are going to be stellar workouts to say the least.

i may have just gotten distracted for the past 2 hours. talking on the phone with my mom (hi mom!) and baking cookies. i get easily distracted. so much so that i now realize that it is 10:05 and i haven't eaten dinner yet. good thing i have delicious left over mexican in my refrigerator.

i need to get new running shoes, but i grow ridiculously attached to each pair of shoes i own. i still have the pair i ran my first 1/2 marathon in. that was a year and half ago (almost). the second pair that i ran in two 1/2 marathons met their match. that match was tough mudder and they absolutely got donated afterward. i learned my lesson with those to get new shoes because my knee hurt for a solid 3 months after my 3rd half.

i should know better about getting new shoes, but sometimes...after i get back from the beach i will probably get new ones. it's just a matter of which obnoxious pair to go with.

i have a tough time deciding. i have the limited edition mizuno wave rider 15s and i adore them. they are offensively pink, but whatever. these two i just can't decide between. yellow is my favorite color, but the blue ones are pretty...hey mizuno want to just send me a pair? i promise to promote them everywhere...

there is also this option:

too rich for my blood, but soooo pretty.
these are the ones that hurt my knee because i am an idiot:

these were the originals that started the love affair. so much so that i took a picture of them....

okay so enough of my love affair with shoes. i have to go retrieve some oatmeal cookies from the oven....

*all pictures from amazon except the last - that one is mine.

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