29 April 2012


yesterday morning (saturday) i woke up absurdly early. it's what i do.

i fiddle farted around and didn't go run until about 845.

i checked the weather and it was a balmy 64 degrees outside. i suppose i should have remember the rule of thumb of wearing clothing that is 10 degrees warmer when running, but i didn't.

well praia and i set out for a long jogaroo and managed to run mile sprints because it was too hot to be alive. seriously. 64 degrees, and i was melting. and poor praia. she was not having any of it. i had to drag her slow poke ass around.

i was so hot when we got back that i immediately laid down on the bathroom floor to cool off. i then shoved praia in the shower to cool her down....okay okay it was to give her a bath, she was absolutely foul.

once we showered and were all pretty and smelling nice again, i drove to athens.

sweet little praia had to have a day by herself, but she was wiped, so i am sure she didn't even know she had been abandoned.

a group of my friends and i went to athens for twilight. it's a big annual bike race and is basically an excuse for us to drink like we are freshman and watch people on bicycles fly past you at a million miles an hour.

my proof of actually watching the race.

drinking like freshman was not my best move. i was however asleep by midnight. that's how i roll. there of course was raiding of the vending machine first. i managed to eat 3 baked lays (that's chips not bags) and pass out. out like a light until about 6.

guess who couldn't get up then...this kid. the other 3 people in the room would absolutely not have appreciated me getting up then. i managed to hold my tongue until 8 and then i started giggling...

needless to say, i haven't gone running today. feeling a little worse for wear. i did play kickball...that was rough.....rough i say.

new obsession: pretzel chips and cream cheese

picture credit to my fellow enthusiast, bari.