09 April 2012


so we have officially past the week mark of no running.

i did go on a walk yesterday. i am not entirely positive that counts. oh i did hot yoga as well. but i think i consumed all the calories i burned off in cake and ice cream.

i have a race saturday, which may or may not get scrapped.

i had to e-mail the race director today because no where on the registration does it show where or when to pick up race packets.

this does not make me think highly of this race. the website says they are giving out prizes for winners, so in some way shape or form it has to be timed correct? and in an effort to support the environment the cups they are using are biodegradable.

clearly this race has been well planned and it isn't it's first year, but i am confused about packet pick up.

aside from coming up lame and not being able to do anything because of a kickball injury, i have been researching this nature box idea. here is a shot from their website:

in theory i like what it's about, but i am not so sure on my actual using of everything sent. who knows, verdict is still out. i like what they stand for and the idea behind it, so perhaps i really will begin this monthly box of surprises.

i also need new shoes. mine have a lot of miles on them. i just can't bring myself to get new ones. i grow bizarrely attached to my shoes when i run in them. last time i played that game, i hurt my IT band. i should really learn from my mistakes.....

the night of shitty beer drinking and dancing was a success (yes that was last thursday and yes i apologize...) my clothes were literally stuck to me and i had to take a shower at 1 in the morning i was so disgusting: hair washing and all. this little gem made it home with me.

it's actually neon yellow. NEON

i am in love with this atrocious tank top. i wore it to work the next day. you too can own one and we can be party friends...


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