04 April 2012


that whole remain injury free.


i play kickball on sundays. it's a fun sunday activity. our name is time to sober up for kickball, if that is any indication to you as to how we play....

well this past sunday, i got injured. injured real bad. ha, not really, but i haven't been able to run, because i haven't been able to move my foot. it's swollen and purple. moving my toes toward my shin is excruciating. any tips?

i have a 5k next saturday (the 14th) and at this rate, i don't know if i can run it.

i ran a 5k st. patrick's day this year. i placed 2nd in my age division and 5th overall in women. i've never ever won anything for running. aside from the obligatory medal at the end of halfs. nothing at all. i have never been more excited about something in my life. it only took me until i was 25 to become competitive about my racing. go figure.

you caught me, these are mimosas...
you may think i am crazy for running on st. patrick's day, but that meant i got to guiltlessly drink beer in mass quantities. well not so mass because i had to run a half the next day. yes, yes i am a glutton for punishment....

now if i could just remember to not drink before a race, perhaps i could do even better. strange correlation there.

this 5k next saturday, i am aiming for 22 minutes. that's really really really fast for me, but whatever, all i know is i won't dry heave at mile 2 like the st. patty's day one. yeesh. and this foot injury may prevent it, but something about getting to that starting line and being around those people pushes me to my extreme...

hopefully this stupid foot can figure itself out so i can get back to training.

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